Ant-Man #5 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 17, 2020

Ant-Man has been a pretty damn good book since it started, and it’s a shame it couldn’t go on longer. This issue is the finale, though, and I am hoping that Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett get a crack at another book together because I like the two together. So, let’s get into this finale and see how Wells and Burnett end it all…

After a credits page with more humor than most whole books nowadays, we see that Macrothrax is leading his two humongous Bug Lords towards world domination. It sets up the stakes for the final battle and also the scope, it also looks badass, in a colossal bug sort of way. I’m not a fan of bugs for the most part, so it also creeps me the hell out!

This book has been all about family, and that continues with Cassie deciding to make things right by getting her Stinger helmet back from Macrothrax. Of course, Scott tries to stop her, but he can’t fly, so really, he can’t do shit. However, it’s more of a strong moment for Cassie than a fail on Scott’s part. I have grown to love Cassie more and more as this series went on, and I love how Wells writes her and Scott’s interactions. As a father of five, they feel more accurate than most of the books I’ve been reading week after week.

With Cassie off being a hero, what is Ant-Man to do? Well, he gets grabbed (tongued!?!) by Ve’Trock (no the Betrayed) who talks to Scott as he is dying. I was waiting to find out the former Bug Lord was two days to retirement, but instead, it tells Scott that the World Hive sees and knows all and that Scott is a good guy. He’s worthy! It’s one of those moments that puts a smile on your face, but you know that Scott wishes some big hero was listening in!

While that is happening, Cassie is talking trash to Macrothrax to get her helmet back, and while she is kick-ass, she doesn’t have a plan and gets smacked around. Again with Scott, the World Hive gives him a huge solid, and I was glad there was a shoutout to Pamela, the ant because she was awesome, and I’m pouring one out for my aunty right now!

The issue ends with a beatdown that may have been a bit too quick for the setup, but unfortunately, things have to wrap up. Still, it shows Cassie is a great hero and is a feel-good family moment, but that’s no surprise. The issue ends with one of those, “Or is it?!” endings, which usually annoy me, but I can only hope here.

It’s a shame this book had to end in five issues. I had a great time reading it and think anyone remotely interested should give it a try. I am a fan of both Dylan Burnett and Zeb Wells, and they did not ket me down here.

Final Thoughts:

Ant-Man comes to an end with an issue that felt a little rushed, but still put a smile on my face. This series is about family and ends with Scott and Cassie coming together as Ant-Man and Stinger, and father and daughter. More people should have given it a try…I am glad I did!


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