Weird Science Marvel’s Favorite Comics of the Week Picks (January 8 2020)


The WS Marvel crew chose a spread of favorites this week, bouncing from the 15th century, to a galaxy far, far away, to the video-gameverse…


@dispatchdcu‘s choice of comic was Star. Is she a hero? A villain? A victim? Star looks to be a title spinning off from the Captain Marvel corner of the Marvel U. This was one I got around to reading late in the week, but I have to say, it was pretty good.

However, my (@wolfcypher) choice ended up being…


@waltgator‘s pick is…


This one is a lead-in towards the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game, and we have more than just this video game comic as a choice pick…


Here’s a movie comic! The Rise of Kylo Ren was chosen by our own @leftwing79

Be sure to check out our reviews for The Rise of Kylo Ren, Ruins of Ravencroft, Marvel Avengers: Thor, and Star in their respective links, and you can find more reviews on our home page.

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