Star #1 Review


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artists: Javier Pina w/ Filipe Andrade

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov

Lettering & Design: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists: Carmen Carnero & Jesus Aburtov

Release Date: January 8th, 2020

Price: $3.99

Ripley Ryan is stuck with the Reality Stone, whether she wants it or not. What she decides to do with the power can make her a hero or a villain. Which path will she choose? Let’s check out STAR #1 by Kelly Thompson and find out!


The issue begins with Captain Marvel punching a hole through Star’s chest. Then the issue really begins with Ripley Ryan waking from this nightmare. The rest of the book maintains this art style, as opposed to the dream page’s art. One has to wonder what the point of that was. Even if it was lifted from a previous book, is it worth having a somewhat drastic art change for one page? Surely the main artist wasn’t overtaxed, as the book is only 20 pages in length— another head scratcher for a number one issue.


Moving on, we follow the, ahem, “star” of the book to an outdoor bar patronized by super villains. Ripley isn’t in her Star outfit, and no one seems to know her, but maybe it’s ladies’ night, so she gets a seat. Ripley feels sorry for herself for a few pages, but things are about to get worse than not having rent money, as Titania strolls up and demands her chair. Star wills her costume into existence, but then gets tossed out like Andy Capp anyways. Look it up kids.

Flo is gonna be so pissed!

Luckily Loki is there to scoop Star up and chain her down. Kelly Thompson isn’t afraid to throw cameo after cameo out there, but it’s really to the detriment of the main character. It would be nice to know more about Star instead of getting multiple well-known Marvel characters forced at you. Especially if they aren’t written terribly well, as is the case with Loki. Of course the trickster god is after Star’s imbedded Reality Stone, but our hero(?) again summons the will to get out of the mess.


Next stop (and the best part of the book): Alias Investigation and Jessica Jones. Ripley figures if there’s one person that will help, since she specializes in cases involving “Powers”, it’s Jones. Unfortunately, Star doesn’t know Jess and Carol Danvers are pals, so things don’t go according to plan. Especially when Star tries to use mind control on Jessica— that’s a big no-no for her. The two fight, and just as Star is about to maybe do something awful to Jessica with her powers, Scarlet Witch shows up to put an end to it.


Speaking of which, that’s the end. It’s a really short book, and we don’t learn much about Ripley Ryan. She interacts with some Marvel characters and doesn’t have control of her powers. The end.


STAR #1 is an underwhelming first issue of a mostly new character. Instead of familiarizing readers with Ripley Ryan and her alter ego, Kelly Thompson throws in a bunch of established characters to kick the crap out of her. We get glimpses of Star’s powers and Ripley’s struggles, which are interesting, but maybe not enough to carry a book or a series. The short page count certainly didn’t help either. Hopefully the second issue gives the creators and character room to breathe and grow.


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