Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Javier Garron, Kevin Libranda, and Alitha E. Martinez
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 11, 2019

Last we saw of Miles, he and his Uncle were trying to figure out how to get across the city to safety while everyone…and their uncle tries to kill them! While that sounds like fun right there, I keep finding myself needing a little more out of each issue by the time I put it down. I really would like more of the new villain, Ultimatum, so I have my fingers crossed as we dive into this week’s issue.

We begin our issue with a quick recap of what got us here. It was done in a really clever way and only took three panels to get there! I wish some other writers would take some notes from Saladin Ahmed. After that, it was action, action, action!!! First up was Rhino and I always get a kick out of him anyway, but the connection from earlier in the run makes him even better in this book. Ahmed writes a really good Rhino and I couldn’t help wishing that he could give us a Rhino mini-series someday down the road. Yea, I might be the only one reading it, but that’s fine with me! I can actually see it being as good as Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man run and depending on your thoughts, you can take that any way you want!

After taking down Rhino, Prowler and Miles move on, only to run into Scorpia and the Syndicate. They make quick work of them, but maybe they should have realized that it was all too easy and only a setup to put a tracker on Miles.

The issue is action-packed and the only thing I can complain about is the art, which was okay, just not stellar. It also felt like a bit of a victory lap when Starling showed up and that has me worried. Is Ahmed making sure everyone gets some page time before the book is canceled?

The issue continues with a wacky villain just getting destroyed and Ultimatum showing up to lock down the Prowler’s fate. Miles is not around when this happens and I’m sure that he will have a major problem with what went down. The issue then ends on a happy note as Miles is a big brother now and Aaron is an uncle.

Final Thoughts:

While this issue really didn’t do a lot for the overall story, I still enjoyed it a lot. It was action-packed with good, snappy dialogue that keeps everything moving at a nice pace. This issue comes highly recommended.


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