Thor: The Worthy #1 Review

Writer: Walter Simonson, Tom Defalco, and Kathryn Immonen

Art: Ron Frenz, Mike Hawthorne, Sal Buscema, Tamra Bonvillain, John Workman, Keith Williams, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Reily, Chris O’Halloran, Kim Jacinto, Java Tartaglia, Walter Simonson, and Paul Mounts

Release Date: December 4th, 2019

Price: $4.99

Walter Simonson’s Thor run is widely considered to be not only some of the best Thor comics of all time but simply some of the best comics, period. Now the legend returns for a special tale about Thor and Beta Ray Bill in this week’s all-new THOR: THE WORTHY #1 by Walter Simonson and art from Mike Hawthorne as well as the beloved veteran Sal Buscema! Plus, if that wasn’t enough, the trio is joined by yet another unforgettable Thor team: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, who will be telling an all-new Thunderstrike story! Let’s fly into this issue to see these brand new stories from some of the very best in the business!

This three-story one-shot dips readers into some of the most historic tales related to Asgard, Thor, and the Gods. Each story touched just a small piece of the maturation of the character and actually funneled nicely into what feels like the end with Jason Aaron’s KING THOR. Sure, this reviewer knows Donny Cates is taking up the mantel as the New Year begins, but these stories by Walt Simonson, Tom Defalco, Ron Frenz, and Kathryn Immonen fully encapsulated the evolution of Thor over the many decades. From new wielders of Hammers to brand new Hammers and Maces, many have been called ”worthy” to some degree. However, what makes each of these characters truly worthy of that power? Well, these marvelous storytellers happen to show us in each anecdote while developing the underlying theme behind THOR: THE WORTHY #1.

Readers, the largest negative of the issue that many Thor fans will notice is the lack of Odinson himself. Sure, there is more to Thor than simply the son of Odin. However, this reviewer was expecting a bit more Odinson Thor than what we received. That said, these three tales were still rich with classic content that will hit the nostalgic button for many long-time readers, as well as Walt Simonson enthusiasts. Moreover, Walt’s story was definitely this critics’ champion of the bunch. Beta Ray Bill is a favorite of mine and the quick 10-page story was such an easy read that showcased some of the very best attributes of Simonson’s writing prowess.

Furthermore, Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz also did a tremendous job immediately throwing readers into the character of Thunderstrike, giving a quick summary of the character, and creating an entertaining story that made sense with the page count restrictions. This reader left the narrative more interested in the Grey Gargoyle than prior to reading the issue, which is honestly saying a lot. However, the opening pages of Defalco and Frenz were extremely wordy and slowed down the opening of the story, which almost took this reader out of the thunderous tale. However, once Thunderstrike entered the issue, it was fast-paced, action-packed, and filled with excitement!


Overall, what makes these storytellers classic writers is their diverse character portrayals (from Beta Ray Bill – to Lady Sif – to an architect who wields an enchanted mace), the smoothness of their writing styles, their knack for laying the foundation of the settings before the narratives take off, and ultimately the timeless themes echoing throughout each page. The experience and expertise of these distinctive storytellers shine through in each of these classic tales making this issue a must-read to any long-time Thor fan or classic comic enthusiast. Even if you’re simply looking for a trip down memory lane involving the history of Thor, this issue would be a great place to start. Pick this issue up and give it a try. This reviewer thinks you’ll thoroughly enjoy the stories making it “worthy” of your time and money!


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