Writer: Jess Harrold

Design: Adam Del Re

Stories: Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Greg Pak, Simon Spurrier

Artists: John Cassaday, Laura Martin, Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado, Simone Bianchi, Justin Ponsor, Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, Mike Deodato Jr, Frank Martin, Mark Brooks, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho, Kamome Shirahama, Jorge Molina, Matt Milla, Ashley Witter, Mike Mayhew, Guru-eFX, Andrea Broccardo, Jamal Campbell, Angel Unzueta, Phil Noto

Release Date: December 4th, 2019

Price: $3.99

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a bunch of stuff happened between “A New Hope” and “Empire Strikes Back”! The further adventures of the heroes and villains you love from Star Wars have been collected into one primer issue for the next wave of comics! Let’s see what Luke, Leia, Vader, and all the rest have been up to in STAR WARS SAGA #1, by Jess Harrold!

This being a primer, it’s not fair to judge the book based on the ideas of previous writers (a Luke and Vader lightsaber duel BEFORE “Empire”?!) or even the actual art, but more on the script by Jess Harrold and Adam Del Re’s design choices. Harrold and Del Re are really acting as editors of all the Star Wars series with this book, to varying degrees of success.


The recap is told in panels, highlighting the important events that have taken place in the books for the last few years. Some of the art chosen is top notch, ripped right from the covers. But in order to tell the story, interior art is used as well, and while it may be necessary, the drop-off in quality is noticeable. It’s not a secret that cover art is used to grab consumers’ attention and is often the best art of the book. The constant juxtaposition between cover art and interior art within the pages of STAR WARS SAGA #1 can be a bit jarring at times.


Another semi-questionable choice is the decision of yellow letters on black background for the captions. Yes, it’s a Star Wars book, and that totally fits with the beloved opening crawls. It doesn’t make the read any easier though. At least it’s not slanted like in the movies!

As for the writing, Jess Harrold does an admirable job capturing the style and lingo of the Star Wars universe. Even George Lucas would be proud of some of the borderline-bad, but probably intentionally so, prose. It just fits Star Wars. Plus, capturing the quintessential moments from a multitude of books cannot have been easy.


STAR WARS SAGA #1 works on a number of levels. Maybe you’re looking to get into the next crop of books but haven’t been reading Star Wars. Perhaps you’d like a refresher of the main events from the past few years of books. You could be a huge Star Wars nerd who has to have everything that comes out. Whatever the case, STAR WARS SAGA #1 just might be up your alley.


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