Thor #3 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Nic Klein, Matthew Wilson, Laura Martin, VC’s Joe Sabino, Art Adams, and Olivier Coipel

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 12th, 2020

Thor has fought many battles over thousands of years. And, as readers uncovered in Jason Aaron’s run, Thor lives on for eons to come. So, what is but one small battle to the newly found King of Asgard? What are a mere 100 years to the God of Thunder? To someone who practically lives forever, a lifetime for a human is but a sliver of a second for Odinson, who is now the new Herald of Galactus searching for the energy from five planets to stop the Black Winter. Still, as the last issue came to an end and the first of the five planets suited obliteration, waiting in the wreckage was Thor’s brother Beta Ray Bill. But what has put these two friends at odds? And, can the King of Asgard persuade the Korbinite to let him proceed with his journey to save all that is? Let’s dive into THOR #3 by Donny Cates and discover if this issue turns into Mjolnir versus Stormbreaker as Beta Ray Bill makes his thunderous appearance!

Are you looking for something incredibly fun to read this week? Heck, are you looking to pick up a comic but haven’t read any for a long time? Well, you’re in luck this week because Donny Cates created the perfect comic for you. THOR #3 is straightforward, simple, easy to follow, and filled with nonstop action involving three almost God-like beings of epic proportions. And if that’s not enough to talk you into this week’s THOR #3, then you should let Nic Klein’s dynamic splash pages and vibrant illustrations between the two hammer-wielding juggernauts capture your attention with ease. With each vigorous swing of the ax or every explosive bolt of lightning, readers will be blown away by this week’s extraordinary spectacle.

Readers, there honestly isn’t much to negatively say about this issue. This specific tale may not have been the most thought-provoking or that inventive, but sometimes an issue doesn’t need to wow you with the clever or intriguing. Sometimes a story can just knock your socks off with raw power and amazing art, which is something that the DRAGONBALL Z or DRAGONBALL GT series oftentimes do. The actual story builds up slowly and then smashes you in the face with this mind-blowing battle. Well, if page 6 of this issue doesn’t give you DRAGONBALL vibes, I don’t know what will. Maybe it’s the hair color change or the whole floating in air thing, but truthfully, the entire issue gives off the feeling of an epic anime throw down.

Now, excluding the battle royal between Beta Ray Bill and Thor, the other key elements of the issue that this reader adored was Cates’ perspective of what Thor is doing from Beta Ray Bill. This reviewer would have to agree with Bill on this one. Feel free to read the issue and let me know which side you personally stand on. But, Bill’s argument makes sense and I’m with him! Additionally, I absolutely loved the ending of the issue. From the exchange between Thor and Bill to the earth-shattering cliffhanger, this ending left me with so many questions as to the directions moving forward. What’s going to happen with there relationship? Will Thor’s standpoint or direction involving the Black Winter change? And what about Beta Ray Bill? Oh geez, you just simply need to read the issue and message me with your thoughts ASAP!


It’s time to pony up and put the cart before the horse. Pick this issue up and add this series to your pull list. The story by Donny Cates was ridiculously fun, full of action, vicious as $&@$, and packed a punch. Meanwhile, Nic Klein’s illustrations were so vividly detailed, violently stimulating, and brought each page to life in a way that left this reader wanting more. THOR #3 is totally worthy of the price tag and should be on everyone’s list this week. If you’ve been on the fence about THOR since Jason Aaron’s run ended or were merely interested in finally trying out the character, this may be the perfect issue to get you hooked. Give it a look and let me know what you think!





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