Miles Morales: Spider-Man #12 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Javi Garron
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

The last time we saw Miles, he was about to stop an attempted murder. However, it seems like some of the cliffhangers in this run have been a bit hit or miss. It’s a good thing that the cliffhanger doesn’t make or break a book and that overall, Saladin Ahmed’s story itself is good enough to draw me back in each month. Let’s dive in and see what we have going on in this issue…

We start this comic right where we left off the last issue. One of the things that Ahmed does so well is continually tying loose ends together and that’s the case here. Readers get the big question answered as to why Aaron is back in the game when he said he was out for so long. While that’s cool to see, we also get a good amount of Miles trying to convince him to stay out as well which was a nice touch and represented with just the right amount of page space to it hit home properly.

This issue isn’t all talking, and if you are a fan of this run, you know that Ahmed is a fan of big fight scenes. Well, readers get that quite a bit in this issue. It’s Miles vs Prowler in a battle royale and as tremendously exciting as it should be, Ahmed goes a step further and shows the reader why it’s such a good match up when these two go at it.

Unfortunately, the fight makes a bit too much noise and they end up attracting some unwanted attention from some goons. Man Mountain Marko shows up and it’s on! This may be the best fight in this entire run and easily the best brawl you’re going to get this week from Marvel! I love seeing a hero go up against a worthy opponent and really if they go up against an even stronger one, it really lets the good guy show just how amazing he/she is. These are the types of fights that make you a fan of a character! Once the fighting is over, it’s back to Miles and Aaron trying to figure things out while the family dynamic shines throughout the rest of the issue, which I loved!

Final Thoughts

While this issue doesn’t really push the overall story forward much, I really enjoyed it. I still hope we get more about Ultimatum soon, but I truly can recommend this issue to anyone who likes good action, character development, Miles, and amazing art. Go check it out!


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