Writer: Nick Spencer, Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Kelly Thompson, Al Ewing, Chip Zdarsky

Art: Chris Bachalo, Greg Smallwood, Michael Allred, Valerio Schiti, Chris Sprouse, Rachael Slott, Cameron Stewart, Mark Bagley, Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Karl Story, John Dell, Laura Allred, Mattia Iacono, Dave McCaig, Trionna Farrell, Nathan Fairbairn, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Rod Reis

Price: $9.99

Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

A summons from SHIELD leads Peter Parker into a globe-spanning adventure in this week’s all-new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FULL CIRCLE #1 that will test him as never before, one in which the future of all mankind lies in his webbed hands! Who is the mysterious prisoner in the steel box who keeps propelling the wall-crawler onward? Nick Spencer and an all-star team of Marvel’s biggest writers and artists take up the challenge to create the wildest, maddest, most unconventional AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story of all! Let’s swing into this one and see what we find out!

It has been such a long time since this reviewer has read an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue that was truly this fun, entertaining, witty, and refreshing. Fans will fall in love with this issue from the opening explanation which introduces the concept of this giant-sized comic. Basically, 6 writers took turns passing portions of an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN story off into each other’s lap like a game of tag. The next writer’s job was to continue the story in a way that made sense and throw it forward to the next writer. After each writer had their shot, the 6 writers worked together to wrap it up in some way.

Truthfully, these writers all did a fantastic job making the narrative flow in a cohesively intriguing way that actually made sense. Parts of this issue were complete lunacy but in a humorous way that really was tons of fun. Throughout the story, there were moments that felt as though the writers painted themselves into a corner that they simply wouldn’t be able to escape. However, other than the ending, these talented writers found a way to make the plot fit in such an enjoyable way!

Furthermore, almost every writer managed to add Spidey zingers that were beautifully timed with multiple hilarious plot threads that this reviewer felt were sheer opportunities for each author to set up their fellow colleagues in good fun. Readers will see the enthusiasm each writer had by simply recognizing the tone of each part, the style, and angle each author took at the narrative, and the insanely creative antagonists that came out of left field in each section. Fans, this issue was total nonsense… but it absolutely worked!

Spidey-fans, if the story isn’t enough for you, the multiple art styles, tone switches, and blend of personality that came through on each section adjusted to the writing style masterfully. From the top-down, editors, writers, and artists involved should all be commended for this remarkable piece of literature that probably made everyone who wasn’t involved extremely jealous. This is certainly not something you could do with every character and it’s not something that should be done frequently. However, this “experiment” was well worth the price and should definitely be given a chance by new and old readers alike.


If you’re fresh to comics, new to Spider-Man, or are interested in coming back to the character, this is a fantastic issue to give Peter Parker another try. If you’ve been down on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN lately, this is a fun and refreshing adventure that will rejuvenate and rekindle your love for the series and character again. This was a hilariously fun adventure for our wonderful wall-crawler that showcased some of the best talents Marvel has to offer today. Comic fans would be foolish to leave this on the rack. Pick it up, give it a try, and let me know what you think. It truly was a fantastic read.


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