Agents of Atlas #3 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Nico Leo and Pop Mhan
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 23, 2019

I don’t know if this issue was delayed but this story really needs to step up its game. I thought this was ongoing, so I wouldn’t care that much if the first story arc wasn’t all that great but it’s only a mini! This means that at this point before jumping into the issue, I should have an idea of what the story is about and the team roster. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite. We aren’t getting much from fan favorites and we’re getting even less from characters who aren’t familiar at all with fans. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We begin our issue with basically two styles of “Previously on…”. The first one is just two pages of panels to show what has been happening but then the next page is the usual Marvel way of saying what happened the last issue with the credits page. After seeing both in the same issue, I kind of want Marvel to do the couple pages of panels intro to show what has been happening. However, to have both in an issue seems a bit of a waste and shows that they just needed to fill some extra pages.

We get Nguyen all excited about the success of what he has done. Unfortunately, we are more than halfway done with the story and it seems like he should be the bad guy of this story. Other than him, I can’t find who the antagonist would be. Additionally, I don’t know who the team has an issue with and how the comic is marketing on the kiss Amadeus and Luna shared.

Thankfully, trouble reared it’s ugly head to put a stop to the bickering and refocus on what they do best, saving people. I am a sucker for great battle scenes in comics. However, it’s too bad that is not what we got at all! The team quickly saves someone from giant snakes before they hurt an innocent bystander who got stranded in Pan. Hopefully, he does something evil fast, because this book needs a villain and so far we aren’t getting one.

The team discusses the possibility of being Pan’s heroes in order to spy on Nguyen and see what he is truly up to. After hearing how much they will get paid, they figure it is probably worth it. The issue ends as we see who Nguyen plans to exploit next.

Final Thoughts:

What is this story about because I have no idea and really from what I have read, nothing is telling me that this book should even exist. It has some awesome characters but we don’t even get much from any of them. Unfortunately, even the art wasn’t all that great in the book. I feel like Greg Pak really could care less about this book. Otherwise, he would write at least a decent story. I would not recommend this book at all! Nothing about this book is even interesting and it is a shame that these characters are being wasted away.


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