Agents of Atlas #5 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Nico Leo and Rachelle Rosenberg
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 18, 2019

Well, we are almost done, and if you are still reading, good for you! Really congrats! Because one would assume that when you are almost all the way done, you would at least get the overall scope of the story. Unfortunately, there has not been much of one yet. Let’s dig in and see if we start getting one as the book wraps up…

We start our finale with the team trying to figure out Pan’s issues with dragons. We get a little Hulk Smash and Silk showing up just to make an appearance and talk a bit about brain versus brawn.   Silk is so underused in this series and it’s a shame because she is so damn cool!  We finally get Amadeus deciding to talk to Mike and it’s just in time because we find out that Jimmy has been working with Mike all along!

There is no time to do much about that now as a roar in the distance has the team spring into action and again…Hulk Smash!  I’m all for some action, but the art makes it all a bit confusing and when the overalll story isn’t really hitting, you’d hope to at least enjoy some punching and kicking.

Once Shang-Chi and Crescent confront Jimmy, things pick up a bit. It turns out that both Jimmy and Mike have dragons in their headquarters and it becomes a guessing game of what to do and who to trust.  We then find out the ramifications of bringing down the beasts and learn a pretty good teason why Nguyen is bringing people to Pan.  At this point, however, there is only a couple pages left and i was wondering how all this would be wrapped up.  The answer is it isn’t.  Nope!  This mini just leads into another #1 and that kinda stinks!

Final Thoughts:

So, we get a mini-series that just leads into something else without really giving us any resolution here.  It’s a shame because Greg Pak’s dialogue is pretty good and I teally like the characters on this team.  However, with no real ending and art that was just okay, I can’t recommend it.


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