Tomb of Dracula #5 Review (1972)

Writer: Gardner Fox

Art: Gene Colan, Art Simek, Tom Palmer

Release Date: November 1st, 1972

Price: $.20 cents

We pick up right where we left off in the last issue as Taj and Dracula are falling through the black mirror. Where will they end up, and what will Frank and Rachel do now to try and stop Dracula? Let’s find out!

Issue five has yet a new writer in Gardner Fox, and while I like this story ok, it suffers from some really bad dialogue and what would now be considered completely unacceptable dialogue when talking about Taj, who is mute.

I know that every comic could be someone’s first but the dialogue by Rachel in the above picture is so bad. It’s something literally no one would ever say if they were trying to save their friend.

The story itself, however, is quite strong. Dracula and Taj eventually find their way back to Transylvania and Dracula is able to pick the time he returns to. He does this for a reason though. To kill Rachel’s grandfather, Abraham Van Helsing.

We also return to Dracula’s Castle which I’ve been hoping would happen.

Meanwhile Frank and Rachel discover a means to also use the black mirror in Strangway’s mansion.

We’re also somewhat awkwardly introduced to a new character.

Lenore comes into play later and is also in the best art panel of the issue. Colon’s art progresses in a way that when the vampires transform into bats, their faces are still shown briefly.

It allows you to know which is which, obviously, but to also allow dialogue.

We then get another fight that almost goes Rachel and Frank’s way, but Lenore and Dracula manage to escape through the black mirror with the others in close pursuit.

Final Thoughts:

While this issue suffers from the worst dialogue to date, the story and art remain well above average. I’m looking forward to when we get to a consistent art team though.


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