Marvel Comics Best Covers of the Week of August 21st, 2019

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #6

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Cover Artist: Eduard Petrovich

This fabulous cover shows our heroes bursting into action!! From the look of sheer determination on the faces to the motion effects of the armor/costume and in the background, there’s a lot going on, but it’s done in a great way!

Chosen by Weird Science Marvel Comics

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Star Wars: Tie Fighter: 5

Writer: Jody Houser

Cover Art: Tommy Lee Edwards

If you want to see perfect comic book art of a Star Wars space battle look no further! This cover has it all. Tie Fighters, a Star Destroyer, a space station, and explosions. What more could you want??

Chosen by: Hot Claws Wolverine and Thor’s Mallet

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Fearless #2

Writer: Seanaan McGuire, Karla Pacheco, and Eve Ewing

Cover Art: Yasmine Putri

Feel the fury of Storm as you’re put into the middle of crumbling earth as it rises at her command!

Chosen by: Wolf Cypher

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Powers of X #3

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Cover art: Skottie Young

Now we know what super-villains really talk about! This fantastic variant cover by Skottie Young doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we’re all the better for it!!

Chosen by: dispatchdcu

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