Punisher Kill Krew #1 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 14, 2019

I am not a big Punisher fan…but I am a big Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra fan and I am hoping they can show me the way when it comes to Frank Castle. Do I get to tell them, “Mission Accomplished” and pat them on their backs for a job well done? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with a little War of the Realms recap. It’s all part of Frank’s War Journal and the first thing you will probably notice is how great the art looks. I have actually told Juan that he may be a better colorist than anything else and while he probably got mad at me and shook his fist to the heavens, it was a compliment and it shows through here as well. The colors and the shadowing makes everything look even better and if you read your books digitally, like me, you are in for a treat!

The issue itself is very fast-paced. Frank is in New York with a few days…to kill and he is doing just that. If you missed some of the bigger and uglier badies of the War of the Realms Event, they are back and they are getting destroyed by Frank!

If you read The War of the Realms and the Punisher tie-in, a lot of what you get here is a repeat or at least very familar. Sure, Gerry Duggan files in some holes, but by the middle pages, I really was looking for something new…which we get, right on cue.

Frank decides to take care of the kids left behind from the War and then take care of the things that made them be left behind in the first place. He plays a variation of the “who is your daddy and what does he do” game from Kindergarten Cop by having the kids draw pictures of the monsters that ate/ripped apart/possibly ate/ate their parents and while that is questionable therapy, Frank is not really there for that.

We continue with Frank getting down to business and business is booming! Juan flexes his muscles again when Frank feeds a crazy Venus People Tree the wrong (right?) end of a grenade and then gets down with some pet laws to boot!

The issue ends with Frank taking things a lot more cosmic than I would have guessed he would and the final page looks like something straight off of a heavy metal album from the late 70s…and by that, I mean awesome!

Overall, there is not a ton of story to sink your teeth into yet, but Gerry Dugan gets the reader up to speed with what’s going on and then starts blowing it up. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love the art and had fun with what we got here. The only real downer is it feels like the War of the Realms ship has already sailed so this feels a bit late and out of place.

Final Thoughts:

This book looks fantastic and if you don’t mind revisiting a bit of the War of the Realms, there is some fun to be had. I will need a little more story going forward, but Gerry Duggan uses the page space to get every reader up to speed and then sends them off to the stars!


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