Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys The Marvel Universe #6 Review

Writer: Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti
Art: Todd Nauck, Antonio Fabela, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Gerardo Zaffino
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 7, 2019

How come no one can remember Cosmic Ghost Rider? He was there with Cap on WW2, punching Nazis, and sassing Baron Zemo? Or when he helped the X-men subdue Dark Phoenix? How about when he played a major part in the birth of the Fantastic Four? Still no? Tony Stark has 1223 files on him, but Reed Richards, Namor, Cap, Professor X, or anyone for that matter can ever remember seeing him. What gives? How can a guy with a literal flaming skull and a motorcycle that flies and projects hellfire not be noticed? Let’s ride on in and see what happens!

Turns out that time doesn’t matter. Well, changing time doesn’t. At least on a cosmic level, it doesn’t. Well, it sort of does if you’re a nerd or a person trapped in a crappy timeline. There are, however, some events to pivotal to reality that undoing them would cause reality to completely unravel. Take, for example, Frank Castle’s family getting massacred by gangsters in Central Park. No murder, no Punisher, no Cosmic Ghost Rider…you get the idea. All the monumental reality shaping events Frank Castle set into motion. Gone! So despite all Frank’s meddling with the time stream the last five issues, Uatu the watcher brings a glove to a gunfight and makes sure that Frank Castles family’s does indeed get gunned down in Central Park. All’s well that ends well, and using the Infinity Gauntlet he wipes all memory of Cosmic Ghost rider from reality and sends Frank to the Sub sub-basement of the Raft, where he takes down Carnage before spending his days hanging out in a cave. Our heroes (pretty much the entire Marvel Universe) catch up to him and hear his tale of woe. He declines a spot on the Avengers and instead waits around in his cave drinking until it’s time to Retcon the “Original Sin” mini from a few years. Sadly it wasn’t wiped from the books, but instead, it was Frank Castle who killed Uatu! Oops, spoilers?

We end with Frank, Beta Ray Bill and Starfox on the Sanctuary, about to hear the reading of Thanos’ will.

Final Thoughts:

This series has been a blast! Issue six finishes off the mini, and despite there not being a lot of hijinx, some real emotions seeing Frank’s family killed (yet again) in front of him. It all gets wrapped up in a very satisfying way, and Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti leave the character in a perfectly usable spot for the next time we see Frank Castle as Cosmic Ghost Rider.


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