Uncanny X-Men #22 Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Salvador Larroca, David Messina, and Guru eFX
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 17, 2019

The final issue of Uncanny X-Men is finally here. I remember when it was first announced as an upcoming book, everyone would be talking about it. But once it got started the first 10 issues had a story arc that really not many or even no one was on board for. Then from there it was like a roller coaster of whether the issue was good or bad. Now the team is a lot smaller, actually digging the team more. But can the finale make up for past sins? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

Well we now know exactly what Emma did last issue, made it that when mutants use their powers, the public eye won’t notice them. We get a nice scene with Dani and Scott, in which she doesn’t yell at him for what they have done but it is more like when your parents say “we aren’t mad just disappointed. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one to give him that as Alex comes by to give him some.

Back at the Hellfire Club we find out that they successfully stopped Dark Beasts “vaccine” and that they already have a cure for that. Due to this being the last issue, kind of glad that it was dealt with but didn’t waste too much of a panel time. Apparently, Wolverine wants a piece of Emma for messing with his mind and just when he gives her a warning of the usual “if you think you solved your problem you are wrong”, because of course the cliche thing happens when trouble comes knocking.

Sentinels, of course its them. Kind of glad it is them though due to fact they are big in the X-Men history and feel like we really haven’t gotten much of them in this run.

Like I said before, hope the last bit of this run we see some more deaths and we do get a death from someone who going to miss him, enjoyed his time in the book. But his sacrifice made it that everyone at the mansion saw the blast and checked it out, back up has arrived! Of course so has the main enemy, Callahan. We see another causality, but one that really didn’t get much panel time and thus could care less when he went. But he did see Warlox infect the Sentinels so they can’t detect the mutants. With coming up with a great plan (well besides another causality and this one is someone who was a key player for the whole Uncanny run so sad to see him gone especially how he was my favorite character in the first 10 issues) Wolverine takes down the general. But the way it was laid out was pretty anticlimactic. Could have been drawn a lot better, not artwork but how it was drawn.

Realizing they may have took down the King, but the enemy is still moving forward, thankfully I already read this week’s Age of X-Man book because I know how everyone comes back. With everyone back, we get some nice moments from some but not from many.

Final Thoughts:

Well that is it, the closing issue on the Uncanny run of 2018-2019. Was glad that we did get deaths at the end of the series, could actually feel the risks after each issue. Wrapped up everything nicely, sure could do couple of nitpicks like wish there were editor notes so if someone wanted to check out the Age of X-Man books they know “hey so this is where the X-Men went when they died” Or how we didn’t get any great reunions that made us feel anything besides Scott and Jean. But hey the book had enjoyable art and for all it’s loose ends, the issue didn’t spend too much time on the non sense stuff and just went straight to work. Would I recommend this issue? Eh, hey if you stuck with the series all this time, why not go at it.


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