Uncanny X-Men #17 Review

Written by: Mathew Rosenberg
Art by: Carlos Gomez, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 1, 2019

The more X-men books I read, the more I am familiarized with the characters, due to only have read X-men: Blue, Gold, and Red, as well as all of the Ultimate X-men issues, but that probably won’t matter with this earth. I remember when Uncanny was announced, everyone was thrilled! But when the book came out, it fell flat and now it seems we have our X-men team, well until everyone comes back from that Age of X-man universe. Hey, as long as what is happening is focusing around Scott or Logan then I’m good. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

Last issue ended with Dani telling everyone Wolfsbane is dead. For new readers, they have only had a few issues with the character so the death wasn’t as impactful as what it should have had. This issue opened up with Scott at the bar with Logan telling him that he needs to get dressed up and be there for the kids. Scott is acting all tough and like a leader to Logan which was weird because we already went over that no one is a leader. As Logan is getting ready, Jamie walks in with papers that Logan had asked for. At this had an idea of where this is going to go and then when Logan broke out Kwannon and headed out to Alex’s car. Alex tries to sway his way to come. Unfortunately, Alex has been quite annoying through this series, and this scene didn’t do much to make me think otherwise.

We see Scott giving a speech at the funeral as he is the first of few as Logan tracks down who killed Wolfsbane. While at the funeral, Scott, Jamie, Moonstar, and Illyana takes turns mourning and giving a speech to everyone who attended the funeral. And one thing I have got to say, these Stan’s Soapbox pages are getting quite annoying, give respect to the guy but the page feels at this point like an advertise page.

We see Kwannon tell Logan which guys are the target and she points to all but one which were all guys, as Logan kicks that one out. Logan asks Kwannon to have her show him what happened and as we saw, the four boys that were in the room wanted to bring Wolfsbane back but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and found out who is a mutant. She then gets beat to death. Logan asks the boys just for one thing: Fight back. As he shows them he has weapons for them to use against him for when he attacks them and for what he can assume he was getting ready to kill them until he got a surprise of himself. The Office of National Emergency busted in guns blazing. Which felt incredibly forced and if this doesn’t get brought back up in an upcoming issue, it would be out of place to put these National Emergency guys here.

Back at the mansion, Scott and Illyana are talking and Logan walks in all bloody with the clothes ripped, which triggers Scott due to Logan skipping the funeral and orders Logan to leave. After talking crap to each other, that leads to a fist fight across the bar while everyone watches. That is until Juggernaut comes in and breaks them apart trying to get them to stay focus on their list. But also questions why Emma Frost isn’t on the list, that is until everyone questions, who is Emma Frost?…

Final Thoughts

Well we are seven issues past Disassembled and feel like we should be farther along! With a only half of the team actually be characters new readers know, the other half could care less about in which they need to make the book have more focus point on them. The artist is doing great! It’s the writer that needs to change things up. As well as tell us why Moonstar is in both Age of X-Man: Prisoner X and this book. This book does do a great job at cliffhangers but then when the issue comes out, it falls flat with good dialogue, great artwork, but nothing to wow me


2 thoughts on “Uncanny X-Men #17 Review

  1. There is a reason she’s in this book and Age of X, some characters were just recreated in Age of X even if they weren’t there in Disassembled. It’s an alternate reality, I guess anything can happen.


  2. You have a full list of characters to use. To use her twice without a reason seems a bit lazy. But hey that could change if we find out both versions will connect the stories somehow.


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