Magnificent Ms. Marvel #2 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 17, 2019

I really liked the first issue of this new(ish) series. I was worried a bit about the book continuing without G. Willow Wilson, but Saladin Ahmend won me over very quickly. He didn’t miss a beat and showed that he not only respects everything that G. Willow did with the character, but has something new and interesting to say to boot. So, am I still singing the praised of this book after this issue? Let’s find out…

The issue opens right where the last one left off…Kamala sitting in the goo that used to be her parents. Yea, it’s pretty messed up, but she has Bruno there with her and his narration for this issue is great. Check off one more thing that Ahmed gets right. Spoiler…it’s becoming a long list already!

Kamala and Bruno head off to the Circle Q (because strange things are afoot there!) and while Bruno looks for connecting clues, Ahmed shows you how upset our hero really is. Hint…very, very upset!

I mentioned last issue that Ahmed really showed that he “got” Kamala and this one he does the same with Bruno and Kamala. I love Bruno and at points in this issue, he seems to be the only thing keeping Kamala from giving up completely or going off in a rage.

Ahmed continues showing his smarts when Discord shows up and after a little trash talk, Kamala goes to town on him even though he doesn’t really seem connected with her parent’s issue. This is just another little bit that ties this new series to the last and while it may seem silly to praise Ahmed for knowing what came before him, I have seen so many writers grab a character and try to “make it their own” by ignoring what made the character great in the first place. The scene actually ends with me feeling bad for Josh as Kamala and Bruno head off to check out a new Alien signal. I’m sure this is set up for something down the line and I’m all for it.

Speaking of setups, when Bruno and Kamala get to the signal, Ms. Marvel gets to let loose on a giant two-headed purple people eater and when it does just that, Kamala gets to destroy it in one of the most overused, but still awesome ways. Then we find out what all of this was about and it is a cool way to end the issue, but it also broadens the scope of the book big time. When this book was announced, Ahmed said he would do just that while maintaining the intimate tone that made G. Willow’s run so special…he is succeeding at both so far.

Final Thoughts:

Kamala Khan fans can rest assured that this book is in good hands. Saladin Ahmed is showing respect and care for the character while pushing the book forward in a new direction. My favorite thing, however, is that all of her supporting cast is along for the ride as well! Minkyu Jung is doing the same on the art side of things and it all adds up to a book that has quickly become one of my favorites.


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