Amazing Spider-Man HUNTED #20 Review

Story: Nick Spencer
Penciler: Cory Smith
Inker: Mark Morales
Colors: Erick Arciniega
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Arcade helps create a revolution, Vulture looks more elderly than normal, and Vermin just wants his mommy, all in this week’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HUNTED #20 by Nick Spencer. Let’s swing on into the hunt!


Hunter or the Hunted?

Spencer opens the issue with a four-page recap of the entire story up to this point, which is beginning to get repetitive. Plus, last week’s issue ended with THIS reviewer looking for the fireworks factory. Did we make it yet? Well, even though we haven’t reached the fireworks factory, we still get a little bit more info, as well as a few twists that sparked my interest enough to hang in there for at least another issue.

Readers find out that Arcade is actually instigating the revolution within the hunt… or is he? After summoning Vulture with this ridiculous floating tie, Adrian is given this device, which will help him lead the other masked villains against Kraven’s robot hunters. Now, while reading this, the plot thread seemed a little TOO convenient. However, readers will be pleased to find out that it’s actually a double-reverse switch-a-roo!

Kraven told Arcade to “pretend” to go behind his back and create a revolution with Vulture. This seems like a legitimate angle that follows suit with the story so far and I for one was pleased that Spencer didn’t decide to just neatly create a magically convenient idea that pushes his story forward. This shows thought, time, and creativity that is often times missing throughout many current comic stories. Spencer didn’t paint himself into a corner and create something out of thin air in order to escape and move the story forward. Heck, he even explained why there are duplicate Vermin running all around at the end of the last issue. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t explain it AGAIN at the beginning of next issue…

The art was clear and well designed while the colors moved my eyes orderly through each panel well. The lettering created a good rhythm and helped make the flow of this issue smooth, concise, easy to follow, as well as a pretty quick read. The inks added definitions in all the right areas and helped add to the pacing of the issue as well as the tone. Overall, the art was fantastic and really helped to elevate this issue!

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the issue didn’t move me too much to the other side of the spectrum. I’m still left wanting more answers, searching for Kraven’s motivation, and wondering his true reasoning behind this hunt. Is this hunt all just to get Spidey? Is Kraven really motivated to stop this rich, elite, big game hunting? And why does he keep leaving his son in the dark?

Some of the pieces aren’t adding up. That said, this tie in wasn’t supposed to fill in those gaps but it did a good job giving the background as to why the Vulture is somehow running the inmates, developed more suspicion centered around both Kraven and Arcade, and explained why we ended the last issue with multiple Vermin up in here! However, when it’s all said and done, I just need more Spidey in a Spider-man comic. Still no fireworks for me but maybe a Bang Snap or two.


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