Amazing Spider-Man #20 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Humberto Ramos
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 24, 2019

Review by: Dispatch DCU

Kraven’s son has daddy issues, the Lizard attempts to save his boy, and Spidey learns the truth about the hunt all in this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #20 as Nick Spencer turns his story upside down, reverses Kraven’s motivations, and sets phasers to stun. Let’s swing into this issue, shall we?

This issue was a bit underwhelming. Maybe it’s the tie ins? Maybe it’s the recap in each issue about the tie ins? Or maybe the story just seems to be dragging on a bit too long? Either way, I’m starting to lose interest. Sure, we learn that Kraven actually hates these “so-called” hunters more than these costumed knuckleheads but did anyone not really see this swerve coming?

Kraven has been acting out of character since the beginning of the hunt. Spencer purposefully wrote Kraven differently and over extenuated confrontations with his son to show us something was off the entire time. So, this twist shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, including the tie ins, this is the 8th issue before we reach the “gotcha” moment. Don’t you think this is moving kind of slow? Shouldn’t the arc be done by now? Either way, if you have to ask yourself that question while reading a book, it’s probably not a good thing.

My next thought is, why did Gibbon die? I know that’s not this issue but the reason I bring it up is that Black Cat got shot point blank but somehow was only stunned. Aren’t the same people hunting all the villains? Shouldn’t that blast have killed Black Cat? I’m not trying to take anything away from that issue. The issue 19 tie in with Gibbon dying was AMAZING!!! My point is; it takes some of the emotion of that moment away seeing that Black Cat just takes a stun gun and gets back up but not Gibbon. Furthermore, why does the hunter have a change of heart with a lizard boy? He’ll shoot a woman dressed as a cat, try to kill other people that he knows are simply dressed up in costumes but now he has a conscience and won’t kill a lizard boy. It just doesn’t seem consistent and it bothered me.

Final Thoughts:

This story arc needs to end. Readers may find themselves getting bored and it’s moving too slow. Let’s get to Kraven’s son fighting Spidey, as well as Kraven. Let’s get to the final battle with Lizard ripping out his chip and going HAM with Spidey as they take on Kraven, Arcade, and the other costume villains led by Vulture. No more tie ins, please. As a certain someone I know says all the time, “when are we going to get to the fireworks factory?” I don’t know Millhouse… I just don’t know.


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