Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme #3 Review

Dr. Strange #3 Rwview: Dr. Strange #3 By Mark Waid and Kev Walker hits stores this week as Dr. Strange has moved on to tattoo removal. But, these may be different types of tattoos. Check out the Dr. Strange #3 Review HERE! Continue reading Doctor Strange: Surgeon Supreme #3 Review

PREVIEW: Miles Morales Spider-Man #7

After the dramatic conclusion of the first arc, Miles has to take stock in his life. What do his parents think of all of this? How do his friends, particularly Bombshell, react to what’s happened? All this, a surprise return and a cover by the art director of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, Patrick O’Keefe! Continue reading PREVIEW: Miles Morales Spider-Man #7

The Immortal Hulk #19 Review

Abomination throws down (or up), Hulk is a heartless jerk, colossal beast street fights, and all through the mind of one highly deformed Betty Banner all in this week’s THE IMMORTAL HULK #19 by the incredible Al Ewing. Let’s dive into the issue! Continue reading The Immortal Hulk #19 Review