Avengers #64 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Color Artist: David Curiel
Cover Artist: Javier Garron and David Curiel
Penciller: Javier Garron
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Reviewer: Dr. Carl Bryan

“Murderers always think it takes courage to be them. There’s nothing brave about being a piece of human garbage! – Tony Stark to Howard Stark

The Avengers wage a blood showdown with the Multiversal Masters of Evil for the fate of prehistoric Earth and the entire Marvel Age of Heroes. Not everyone will survive as Tony Stark faces his greatest enemy – his father, the Iron Inquisitor!
All this and a big reveal at the end…you knew it all along, True Believers!

Kudos to the art of Javier Garron, as the organization of this issue is much better than past issues. Call if framing, succinct penciling, or even David Curiel’s colors…it is a great blend that “organizes” what I have been calling Jason Aaron’s action figures all spilled out on the living room floor!

One constant Kudo of mine for Marvel is that it provides you with the actual cast of whom we should expect to see in an issue. That is important to me so I can go back and forth between the cast page and the actual comic if I need to reference a character. I love this, but it can take away from the surprise frames that sometimes come at the end!
The drippings of blood, symbiote tissue, and twisted metal. That is some meticulous work within these pages. Kudos for making the story readable but with great detail!

Positives #2:
Tony Stark brings his psychological dilemma and daddy issues to a head with a physical battle with his father! A pretty heavy storyline in this vein as Howard is one master manipulator. I cannot help but hear Robert Downey Jr.’s voice as Tony quips his way through battle using a Star Wars reference and calling his father “alt-Howard”.
Talk about heavy – I love the Iron Fist incarnation in this issue! She’s more fantastic than Danny Rand! Black Skull is one awesome villain as well – talk about a Thanos flashback, as he is worthy of many heroes beating him down. If he has that power, let’s give him a spotlight more in Avengers! The art of this battle is top-notch, as the power across the timelines is needed to take on each villain!

I got bogged down in the roster, and arguably, an Avengers group and an X-Men group got left out in this issue! When you read this story across many books, there are not enough pages to tell the complete story. However, the art saves this one as it aided so much in organizing the story to take us not to Mephisto’s starting point, but to …..Uh-uh! No spoilers here! Buy this issue!

Final Thoughts:

Again, art contributes so much to the organization. With some hope, these Avengers rosters may continue in a current timeline as I am enjoying the amalgamation of powers and a few of the new villains! I mean, if we have a young Loki, imagine what a young Thanos can do!


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