Tiger Division #1 Review

Written by: Emily Kim
Art by: Creees Lee
Colors by: Yen Nitro
Letters by: VC’s Ariana Maher
Cover art by: Creees Lee, Woo Dae Shim
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: November 2, 2022

Tiger Division #1 begins the adventures of Marvel’s latest super team, assembled from the best and most powerful individuals from South Korea. When a dangerous artifact is stolen from Tiger Division H.Q., the team must find it before any damage is done.

Is It Good?

Okay, this is a decent start for a new super team. Tiger Division #1 focuses on a group of six superpowered individuals, and their shapeshifting director, who deals with threats in Korea and abroad.

Props to Emily Kim for introducing the (almost) brand new characters in short order with quick displays of power, efficient narration captions that give you a taste of their personalities, and a basic search and rescue disaster to kick the introductions off with a bang. With a minimal amount of thinking, you know exactly who these characters are, what they can do, and how they contribute to the team.

When the team is arrives at headquarters, they’re informed by Director Han that a precious artifact from their high-security storage has been stolen, which leads them into a chase that turns into a trap. Kim does a fine job transitioning the introduction into a bigger-stakes mission with plenty of banter to get a better feel for the team’s disparate personalities.

The minor flaw in the story is Director Han’s inability to notice glowing, purple footprints left by the thieves. Without a single word, Director Han comes off as a buffoon at this moment, and that probably was not the intention, so Kim knocks down the boss when she should be built up.

Lee’s art and character designs are fun and memorable. Each teammate has their own body posture, costume, and mannerisms to set them apart from each other, which helps them stand out with limited page space. Kudos to Maher for coming up with unique lettering for the non-human characters to help them stand apart even more.

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Final Thoughts:

Tiger Division #1 is a decent start to an adventure starring Marvel’s latest superhero team. The standard plot is elevated by efficient character introductions, a brisk pace, and a fair bit of intrigue going into the cliffhanger.


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