Deadpool #1 Review

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Martin Coccolo
Colors by: Neeraj Menon
Letters by: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover art by: Martin Coccolo, Neeraj Menon
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: November 2, 2022

Deadpool #1 finds the Merc with a Mouth on a contract hit to take out Doctor Octopus when he’s sidetracked by the Harrower to help with a little science experiment.

Is It Good?

Deadpool #1 is not bad. Alyssa Wong turns in a solid script about Deadpool’s unintentional run-in with Marvel’s version of Poison Ivy who wants to use his unkillable body as a host for a piece of Carnage symbiote. Yummy!

Wong’s setup ties in with recent developments from the Absolute Carnage event to give this first issue a little meat to build the foundation for Harrower’s evil plan. She wants to “grow” her own Carnage hybrid whose loyal only to her. Harrower’s experiments kill every host she’s tried, so she kidnaps Deadpool as the next step since his body can heal faster than the symbiote embryo can eat.

The plot makes sense (for Harrower), the subplot about a test for Deadpool to kill Doctor Octopus comes out of nowhere, but it’s too early to write it off, and the scene transitions flow smoothly.

Now, this is a Deadpool comic, so its success or failure relies heavily on how well Wong captures the Merc with a Mouth’s voice. Well, the jokes are more snarky than funny, but Wong channels a respectable Ryan Reynolds impression. You can practically hear Ryan’s voice in the line delivery, so on that count, you’ll like this Deadpool if you like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Coccolo’s art is solid. The panel compositions are excellent, and the layouts are visually interesting. That said, Menon’s color palette selection is very muted, giving the pages a washed-out or faded look. The art could do with more pop from Menon.

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Final Thoughts:

Deadpool #1 is a respectable start to a new arc from Alyssa Wong. The plot is original and makes sense, Deadpool’s “voice” is a solid impersonation of Ryan Reynolds, and Coccolo’s art is above average.


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