Secret Invasion #1 Review

Written by: Ryan North
Art by: Francesco Mobili
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: Matteo Lolli, Fedrico Blee
Cover price: $4.99
Release date: November 2, 2022

Secret Invasion #1 finds the Skrulls up to their old tricks when Nick Fury receives a call about a family coping with a recent death. The more Nick looks into it, the more the situation stinks worse than flerken vomit.

Is It Good?

Secret Invasion #1 kicks off the latest Skrull invasion after the last Skrull invasion Was it the other Skrull invasion? Anyway, those shapeshifting troublemakers are at it again, and CIA Agent Maria Hill is ready for them this time. Or is she?

Ryan North’s story begins with a bizarre setup designed to get Nick Fury out to a house in a rural area so the Skrulls can capture him and assume his identity. The logistics of Fury’s capture don’t make much sense, but if you can ignore how Fury was captured, the rest of the issue flows well.

“Fury” pays a visit to Maria Hill, who sniffs out the subterfuge with well-placed code that the real Fury should know. The Skrull is captured quickly and efficiently, along with a small army of Fury’s attempting to infiltrate high-level security builds across the country. The setup leads to a last-minute reveal that the Skrulls may have already infiltrated the Avengers.

Overall, North’s story gets the job done. Apart from the nonsensical setup to capture Fury, the downside of the story is the lack of paranoia in the issue. Maria Hill acts as the audience surrogate through the latter half of the issue, and she’s too confident and too prepared. Hill creates a feeling of confidence that everything is under control, so you never get a sense of surprise or shock to catch the reader off guard.

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Final Thoughts:

Secret Invasion #1 is a serviceable start to the latest attempt by the Skrulls to infiltrate the seats of power and take over the world. The issue gets off to a bumpy start, but once the plot is discovered, the pacing keeps the story flowing briskly and evenly. However, Maria Hill and her colleagues handle the situation a little too well, removing any feelings of paranoia or tension.


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