[ Weird Dose of X ] The X-Men Podcast Ep 02: Dawn of X / Weird Science Marvel Comics


[ Weird Dose of X ] The X-Men Podcast Ep 02: Dawn of X – Chris & Jason continue getting everyone up to speed on the X-Books heading towards A/X/E Judgement Day!

With HoX/PoX in the rear-view, this time out Chris and Jason… (attempt to) hit the ground running chatting up the Dawn of X Era! Rather than talking all six of our launch books, the fellas instead go deep on the would-be flagship of the line: X-Men (vol.5). Well, when not being pulled off course by a tangent, that is. It’s an Okarra/Arrako/Krakoa/Amenthi good time — with a dash of King Egg, foul-mouthed old bitties, Empyre cash-ins, and continuity errors! We hope you enjoy! We’d love to hear your thoughts — if there are any issues/arcs from the current-year books you’d like to hear deeper discussion on, please don’t hesistate to reach out. As always, For a deeper dive into each and every issue of the Krakoan Era, check out X-Lapsed over at http://chrisandreggie.podbean.com or http://chrisisoninfiniteearths.com!

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