Black Panther #6 Review

  • Written by: John Ridley
  • Art by: Stefano Landini
  • Colors by: Matt Milla
  • Letters by: VC’s Joe Sabino
  • Cover art by: Alex Ross
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: June 1, 2022

Black Panther #6 takes T’Challa on the race of his life as the government forces of Wakanda converge on the powerless and suitless Black Panther to kill him for his lies and treachery.

Was It Good?

Black Panther #6 is not a good comic. The issue has strong art, a fun cameo, solid dialog, and excellent pacing. “So, why is it not good?” you ask. This comic is not good because it doesn’t make one lick of believable sense.

Continuing on from the end of the last issue, T’Challa is running through the African planes with nothing but pants on to avoid capture. At every turn he’s surrounded by squadrons and battalions of armed Wakandan forces yelling “Death to the King”, and yet, they can’t seem to knock him out, much less kill him. The whole issue is ridiculous.

With every page turn, you can’t help thinking “Tackle him. Taze him. Shoot him in the leg. Do Something!”. Apparently, the most elite government-trained force on the planet can’t even slow down one unarmed, half-naked man. There are scenes where you see whole crowds of people rushing towards T’Challa, yelling “Death to the King”, and T’Challa magically manages to run away. It makes no sense.

“What about the rest of the issue?” you wonder. There isn’t much to the rest of the issue. Suri discloses to Omolola how she managed to get a tracker on T’Challa. Storm shows up out of nowhere to help T’Challa right before she lectures him for two pages about being a liar. And by the end, not much has happened in this conspiracy mystery other than allies have joined the fight.

Do we learn anything more about the person behind the sleeper agent killings? No. Do we know why the sleeper agents were killed? No. Did T’Cahlla make any progress towards clearing his name? No. Did anything significant happen in this issue other than more people joining the fight? No.

Again, the art is strong, so there’s plenty to hold your eyeballs in place, but that’s about it.

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Bits and Pieces

Black Panther #6 is a fast race to nowhere with the main character who can magically run away from giant mobs and armed squadrons with barely a scratch. The plot makes almost no progress, T’Challa’s ability to evade capture is patently ridiculous, and while the art is very good, the whole issue proves to be plot armor filler.


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