Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #4 Review

Writer: Marieke Nijkamp
Artist: Enid Balam
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 9, 2022

This series has been a mess since it started. It got Kate to the East Coast, but everything else has been a struggle of convoluted and confusing plot devices coupled with good art that doesn’t seem to connect well with the script.

This issue continues the attack on Kate by the Madame Ringleader and the Circus of Crime but lessens everyone here. Kate is tied up and the Madame expositions about committing crimes (are they sending the mind-controlled guests off to commit crimes, or does she just mean stealing from them?) and that they are going to burn down the Chapiteau and make it look like a gas leak. While that usually means natural gas, we see the controlled guests pouring gasoline all over the on-fire resort. I am not a smart guy, but I think someone will figure this one was done on purpose!

They have Kate tied up and her sister Susan controlled, but it doesn’t matter much as Kate breaks free and while a suddenly appearing countdown appears, save her sister with the power of love, grabs Lucky and jumps into the pool as the whole place goes Ka-Boom! For a little bit of fun, go back and see how much time certain actions take – it’s a real hoot!

The issue ends with Madame Ringleader and co. heading to Bishop Manor to grab the sliver of Reality Stone (remember that?) and #TeamBishop ready to follow. The book looks good thanks to Enid Balam’s art, but I can’t find much else to recommend here. I do hope we finally get to see Kate’s friends show up next issue, since she keeps texting them, but I am not holding my breath.

Final Thoughts:

This whole series has been a train wreck, but it at least started out as a fun ride. That’s not the case any longer as the only timer that matters for me is the countdown to this book being over!


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