War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery #2 Review


Written by The McElroys
Art by Andre Lima Aravjo
Colored by Chris O’Halloran
Lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles
Edited by Will Moss


The baby daughter of Odin and Freyja is on the move again, guarded from the ongoing War of the Realms by the unlikely combination of Freyja’s son Balder, Skuld the Norn, Miles Morales, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Death Locket, Wonder Man, Sebastian Druid, and our canine friend Thori. Yes, with that random selection of characters this book is as madcap as it sounds. Previous Weird Science reviews on issue 1 suggested that the only way was up? So let’s see how issue 2 was.


Well, I think about halfway through this issue I just thought it was time to roll with it, and the more I just accepted that it was going to be verging on the insane, the more I surprised myself by actually delighting in aspects of the lunacy. I’m not sure what mind altering substances the McElroy’s have been consuming, maybe they are just well caffinated, but there is something hilarious about the fact that this comic rotates around a road trip, in a beat up old RV, with a bunch of random superheroes being grossed out by dirty God-baby diapers, while on the run from a bunch of maniacal elves. I mean, I don’t see this one as winning any Eisners but it sure is unique and memorable.


I do like the art in this series and it is a good fit for the storyline, the characters’ faces reflect the incredulity experienced by the reader at times. The colors work well with the art and the overall tone is bright and airy. There are almost shades of Dean Ormiston’s Black Hammer work in some of the character detail, almost tilting towards a cartoon style without being too over the top or stylised, a kind of graceful yet arthritic line work. I enjoyed that aspect.

Although, I confess I was not looking forward to this issue, it actually surprised me by making me warm to it a lot more second time around. That said, this story is entirely of the trivial variety, a trifle of the least necessary sorts. Aspects of the story don’t make much sense, Miles takes off his mask at one point as part of a trade off with Kate to take off her glasses (I’m sorry but those glasses are not a disguise Ms Bishop). So while in no way essential, it doesn’t lack some charm, and some surprise guests at the end meant there was enough to bring this reviewer back for the next issue.

Score 5.6/10


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