Dark Ages #2 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Iban Coello
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 6, 2021

Review by: Kyle Ziegler

Post-Apocalyptic Pre-Apocalypse
One of the things I liked most about the first issue of Dark Ages was that it felt like it told a quick,
interesting, self-contained story, that was still a definite part of something larger. The second issue
ends up feeling like Taylor is setting out pieces on the board he put down in the first issue.
The issue begins by showing us the the world that formed under the constant influence from the
transdimensional E.M.P., because, apparently, no one could close the portal that Dr. Strange opened.
Despite opposition, the heroes manage to form a utopia. Trouble comes looking for Tony Stark and,
through a twist I’ll let you read for yourself, he winds up in Paris, captured by Apocalypse.

Tony converses with Apocalypse for a bit and we get two interesting questions raised: why do we
see some heroes helping Apocalypse and how does Apocalypse have electricity? These questions
are answered in quick order, the heroes are under Killgrave’s mind control, and Apocalypse has
created a large Faraday cage using Magneto. At the end we see, after Tony also falls under
Killgrave’s influence, that Apocalypse’s goal is to use Tony to wake the Unmaker and obtain its

Coello’s art here was well done and pleasant to look at. Even though she didn’t feature prominently
in the issue, I enjoyed May Parker’s costume. I’m a big sucker for letting the artist handle aspects
of world building, so seeing Tony lose his leg in the first issue and then having a prosthetic in this
issue, which is never referenced in any dialog or narration, is a nice treat for me.

Final Thoughts:
I think the writing and pacing in this issue was a little weaker than the first, but I don’t think anyone
who was on board for the concept should be shaken off continuing with the book for now. Coello’s
art is solid and is worth slowing down to appreciate. I look forward to seeing what Taylor can do
now that things seem to be set up for the rest of the series.


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