Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Finn #1 Review


Written by Tom Taylor
Art by Ramon Rosanas
Colors by Guru-eFX
Letters by Travis Lanham
Cover by Phil Noto
Edited by Mark Paniccia
Assistant Editor Tom Groneman

The character of Finn in The Force Awakens trailer filled me with
enthusiasm for the new film a few years back. How was it this
Stormtrooper found himself stranded in the desert? Was he going to make it? What had filled him with such a sense of dread panic. In the film that arrived I was enthused for the character. I laughed out loud in the cinema at his witty exchanges with Rey, B-B8 and Solo (“did you just call me Solo?”). Since then though I feel that the character has been underutilized. His arc in The Last Jedi seemed very watery and
ill thought through. We haven’t seen much from him in the other media since, aside from a few glances in the Poe Dameron comic series in the closing issues. I was therefore pretty enthused to get this single issue focus on the character as part of this Age of Resistance sequence of books.


Ultimately though this issue was a complete disappointment. One facet of Finn’s character, that was always slightly problematic, was his background in working in sanitation within the First Order. It was arguably worth one mention in total for the comedic pay-off of a
singular exchange with Han Solo on Starkiller base at the end of The
Force Awakens. After that the issue should have been downplayed though and the focus on it has become derogatory. After all, by the time we first meet Finn he is already a complex conflicted character being ordered to participate in the slaughter of innocent villagers on Jakku. That character journey from First Order elite soldier to conflicted deserter seems a rich seam to mine. Instead this issue gives us one long joke about his background working in sanitation. The first full panel we get of Finn is of him holding a mop saying “fear my mop”. It is downhill from there.


Meanwhile the art is of the ready-made, unexciting, dull, generic
variety that occasionally haunted Star Wars Marvel a couple of years
ago but which has been largely dispensed with. This isn’t quite as bad as the art work for The Last Jedi comic adaptation (which wins the award for the most awful artwork I’ve seen in the last ten years) but it isn’t that much better. It is on a par with the Mace Windu mini series, replete with flat unexciting colors. Couple that with a schmaltzy, saccharine sweet tale of Finn rescuing some vermin from the sewers of Starkiller base and this issue is best forgotten.

Final Thoughts:

A really disappointing start to the Age of Resistance line (after near
universal quality across Age of Republic and Age of Rebellion
sequences) that makes little use of the wide potential for Finn, and
seems to be restricted by its focus on a pre-The Force Awakens
setting. Tom Taylor is a talented writer but this isn’t close to his
best work, and the art is unexciting at best. If you are going to start a new series this week go for Target Vader which is located at the opposite end of the quality spectrum. This issue is a strange
anomaly in the quality selection of titles being produced by Marvel
Star Wars at the moment and is best skipped.


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