Star Wars: Age Of Rebellion: Darth Vader #1 Review


Story by Greg Pak
Art by Ramon Bachs
Colors by Stephane Paitreau
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Cover Art by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Edited by Mark Paniccia
Assistant Editor Tom Groneman

Fans of the Dark Lord have been indulged by Marvel Star Wars of late. Despite the close of the Vader ongoing, we have been treated to Dennis Hopeless’ Vader: Dark Visions which was an interesting examination of Vader’s impact on those around him. This week we have the final Star Wars: Age of Rebellion installment featuring Vader. With Greg Pak on writing duties it is a one shot, all enclosed issue that takes a more traditional look at Vader than the Dark Visions title.


That’s not to say the issue isn’t very intriguing. The structure of the book is very solid. We get a three page introduction before the
titles in which we see Vader deliberately disobeying the direct orders of the sector Governor for Namzor in the Mid Rim. The substantive book then explores the outworkings of the Emperor’s punishment to Vader for this failure to observe his will as expressed through Governor Ahr. Vader is forced to obey the Governor’s commands to the letter, and it is interesting to explore Vader’s enforced obedience under increasingly trying conditions.


The ending of the book sees Vader stoically observing his new mandate, meanwhile the Emperor surveys all in this issue in that knowing fashion of understanding all the plays before they are made. Throughout Bach’s art is brisk and fun, with expressive character renderings that relay the emotions to good effect.

As a closing installment to the Age of Rebellion and the recent spates
of Vader books this is a fitting issue. It stands alone, but reminds
us of the tenacity, ruthlessness, strength and terror that are combined in this villain. Another fine issue, and adds to Pak’s growing body of fine work for the Star Wars Marvel line.


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