Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, VC’s Cory Petit, Marcelo Maiolo, and Rafael Albuquerque


Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 6th, 2021

Knull and his dragons are purifying the universe of life itself. Spartax is the KING IN BLACK’s next victim and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY can’t protect it alone. It’s a good thing the legendary Star-Lord has returned! As the clock continues to tick down to The Last Stand, let’s crash into this week’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #10 by Al Ewing to see how they manage against Knull and is dragon brigade.

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As tie-ins go, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #10 wasn’t half bad. Ewing managed to continue his tale while simultaneously infusing elements of the KING IN BLACK event directly into his story. Ewing’s foundation is how all ongoing series should do tie-ins and not miss a beat. There doesn’t need to be a one-shot forced into the story. Ewing reinforces how to get the job done without creating an utterly pointless issue in the process.

However, the biggest knock this reviewer can give the entire issue is Ewing’s take on the KING IN BLACK himself. Knull’s voice, his speech, and his mannerism are all wrong. It’s almost as if Ewing thinks he’s some ancient, poetic, Bram Stoker Vampire. To anyone who’s been following VENOM and events leading up to KING IN BLACK, I think you’ll be disappointed in this oddly mysterious take. Plus, you’ll notice Ewing hammer home Knull’s use of the word “master” over and over again as a mere setup for what he wants to reveal before this issue comes to a close as if he’s a little kid setting up a joke he heard earlier in the day. This issue would have been better suited if it was just the GOTG team verse a dragon.

On a more positive note, readers get a ton of information about Peter Quill, where he’s been, and roughly what’s happened and how it happened. Ewing gives fans a few answers as this countdown continues towards something big that’s being set up by this creative team. Additionally, Star-Lord fans haven’t seen him this bad$&@ in a long time. He’s strong, confident, and still just as personable as always. It seems as though Ewing’s goal when taking this series over was to restore Peter to his roots. Well, it seems to be working and I for one am enjoying the ride. Out of the 10 total issues of GOTG by Ewing to date, every last issue related to Star-Lord or that has him as an emphasis, has been lights out! Nevertheless, the issues with him missing have been almost dreadful. It’s great to see him back with the team and a focus within the series. Ewing understands Star-Lord and he needs to be in this series front and center.


If you’re a VENOM fan looking for a KING IN BLACK story, this won’t do it for you. Knull is an oddly misrepresented White Walker who speaks in lyrical rhymes that appear to come from a poorly portrayed David Lynch movie. Nonetheless, if you came to this rodeo for a solid GOTG story centered around Star-Lord with its driving force to right the ship of his character, you will be pleased. Ewing is definitely on to something here and I think the series is on the cusp of doing something really special. It’s time to lock in on GOTG!


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2 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review

  1. Maybe it’s because I don’t care much for Knull since that character comes off as Mr. McEvil but I thought Ewing’s version of Knull was interesting.

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