X-Men #11 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 26th, 2020

Magneto fans will certainly rejoice this issue. The Master of Magnetism takes center stage in all of his glory and reverence from beginning to end. The best way to describe this issue would be a homage to the great hero of the mutants who’s been on both sides of the track throughout Marvel History. However, his sights have always been focused on Mutant Civilization, Mutant Betterment, and Mutant Rights regardless of what his vision may have looked like to the world. Let’s dive into X-MEN #11 by Jonathan Hickman and see what else is in store as the Path Towards X OF SWORDS continues and the EMPYRE event comes to a close.

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X-MEN #11 begins with a three to four-page lead into the X OF SWORDS event, which came off rather cryptic and eerie. However, the rest of the issue bleeds into an EMPYRE tie-in indicating just how formidable any attack on mutants or Krakoa would be for anyone. Oddly enough, after the beginnings of a mean game of “Krakoan Monopoly”, X OF SWORDS is never revisited again this issue. So, to those looking for more answers, you won’t find any this week. Nonetheless, could this issue be some epic foreshadowing for a future Krakoa versus the World scenario? If so, humanity better check themselves before the Mutants wreck shop.

As for the overall narrative, X-MEN #11 is a great example of how to assimilate to a Comic Line-wide Event with a tie-in story yet still find a way to build on your own personal narrative and storyline in the process. Sure, X-MEN #11 isn’t really necessary to DAWN OF X nor does it seem pertinent for the X OF SWORDS Event on the horizon. Therefore, it ”could” be skipped with gaps easily filled in if you had to save a few dollars. However, if you are a diehard Magneto fan, X-Men fan, or have been collecting this series since day one, I think you will be pleased with the action, storyline, and entertainment that unfolds almost from page one.


X-MEN #11 is an exciting tale that elevates Magneto’s importance to the Mutant Landscape while showcasing his leadership abilities, tenacity, and his clever ingenuity with his abilities. This issue felt like something Jonathan Hickman has wanted to write for a long time and was simply looking for an avenue or excuse to justify an entire issue dedicated to the Master of Magnetism. This was the perfect place and the perfect time to do just that without taking too much time away from his vision and story. It’s actually quite genius to use a mandatory tie-in for your own personal elevation of a character without losing page space for your own story or benefit. Readers will have an absolute blast with this issue and I highly recommend picking it up. Even if you haven’t been reading X-MEN to date, you could still grab this issue and be wildly entertained while not missing a beat. Pick up X-MEN #11 and let me know what you think.


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