Empyre: X-Men #3 Review


Writer: Ed Brisson, Vita Ayala, and Zeb Wells

Art: Eduard Petrovich and more

Price: $4.99

Release Date: August 12th, 2020

The Scarlet Witch strived to undo a mistake from her past by restoring millions of dead mutants on Genosha. However, what appeared from the dead were millions of mutant zombies! Therefore, when the Cotati touched down on Genosha, the mutant zombies and the Cotati began an all-out onslaught. Nonetheless, as the fight unfolded, a team of mutants led by Angel and Magik went on the attack against both factions with the help of the Hordeculture (otherwise known as the Golden Girls of Botany). However, as issue two came to a close, it emerged as though Magik organized some reinforcements! Let’s jump into EMPYRE: X-MEN #3 by Vita Ayala, Zeb Wells, and Ed Brisson while we get “psyched” for this penultimate issue.

The best phrase I can think of to summarize this issue is, “that escalated quickly…”. Readers, as issue two concluded, the direction of the narrative and voice of the characters made sense. But something just unraveled this week making this series really hard to understand. Readers, there’s crazy and then theirs Tom Cruise crazy. This issue is just off the wall and completely unbalanced. The purpose of the psychics in totally unclear, the Cotati’s motive was completely abandoned, and a new wrinkle was introduced for Magik that was completely unnecessary to the story.


Furthermore, the change in writers was more noticeable than in the prior two issues. The voices of the characters didn’t jive well with the last two installments AND the new additions to the story like Nightcrawler felt like the creative team making character changes that haven’t been seen since HOXPOX merely because that’s the way they like the character. Similarly, individuals like Mister Sinister are being used as pawns and falling in rank to the likes of Magik and Kid Omega. That would never happen.

Many of the unique wrinkles related to Jamie Madrox and even the dead Cotati were really nice touches that I wish were expanded on more. However, the story simply became too big for this creative team’s britches. There were too many moving parts and too many players to keep track of in this one issue. Aspects of the last two issues were forgotten and new angles were introduced like unneeded cumin on an apple pie. To be as blunt as possible, EMPYRE: X-MEN #3 felt more like a creative exercise of group work in English 101 than a comic. And before the haters rise up from the Internet underworld, please note that I absolutely loved the last issue of EMPYRE: X-MEN and thought it was the best issue of EMPYRE overall to date, as well as a rock star X-MEN comic.


As Marty McFly once said, “are you telling me this suckers nuclear?!” Yes. Yes, I am. This series is now all over the place and has way too many moving parts to keep track of. Readers, this issue was certainly interesting and had me locked in from start to finish. I genuinely was entertained. However, EMPYRE: X-MEN #3 goes to eleven… but not in a good way. The levels of crazy almost made the issue comical when I don’t think that was its initial intent. That said, if you already bought into the series, there’s only one more left. You might as well see it through. I plan to anyway.


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