Marvel Announces Maestro Hulk Series THIS AUGUST

One of the best Hulk stories ever told is getting an origin story this August (unless more COVID-19 delays occur). That’s right Hulk fans, Peter David is releasing a new limited series drawn by Dale Keown and Germán Peralta called MAESTRO at the end of this Summer.

For those unaware, the Maestro debuted in the 1992 story INCREDIBLE HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT by Peter David, which if you haven’t read I highly recommend grabbing this series ASAP! Click HERE to get your hands on a copy through Amazon. The story showcases an alternate future timeline Hulk who’s basically survived a nuclear war that he more than likely started gaining even more power and intellect in the process. This “Maestro Hulk” rules the planet and has killed most of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the process. Versions of the character have been dabbled with in SECRET WARS (2015) as well as in the “Old Man Logan” timeline. However, this will be the first in-depth look at the character since his origination in 1992.

Even though INCREDIBLE HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT gave readers the foundation of the origin for the character, David plans on using the story as a canvas to dive deeper into what drove Hulk down this path while highlighting some fantastic art and intriguing new concepts on what has become such an iconic character within the Marvel Landscape throughout the almost 20 years since his debut. What drove Hulk over the edge? How did he kill off so many of the heroes? And, could we see Maestro somehow make his way into the main 616 Universe before this series is all said and done? Who knows? Cosmic Ghost Rider made the jump so maybe David will find a way to get the icon here as well?

Get your popcorn ready because MAESTRO #1 is again scheduled for release in August 2020! I don’t know about all of you but this fan CANNOT wait. If the Incredible Hulk is your jam, help us by checking out some of these smashingly good Hulk titles by clicking HERE or check out our online Comic Shop through Amazon HERE. As always, thanks for the read and your continued support. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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