Jessica Jones: Blindspot #2 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Mattia De Iulis, VC’s Cory Petit, Martin Simmons, and Valerio Giangiordano

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 29th, 2020

After the cliffhanger of the last issue, where does that the leave this story? Now sure, readers would assume the star of the series wouldn’t be dead yet… or could she? And if Jessica isn’t dead, how in the world would she survive a gunshot to the cranium at point-blank range? This reader isn’t completely up to date with his Jessica Jones facts BUT, I don’t think she can survive something that vicious. Well, let’s dive into JESSICA JONES: BLINDSPOT #2 and see if Kelly Thompson can continue her magic touch while readers see where this story is heading with our snarky female for hire.

Guys, the cold open was spot on. Readers ultimately get the instant vibe from Mattia De Iulis’ panels and Kelly Thompson’s narration that there appears to be a possibility that Jessica is actually dead as Luke Cage hangs his head in grief. However, readers quickly see that everything is fine as Jessica is alive in her hospital bed with heroes surrounding her. Ok… so, how? Why? And what’s going on?! Well, that’s what this issue is basically all about. Jessica spends the issue exploring possible angles and reasons as to how and why this is happening through the perfect lens of a true “hero for hire”.

This critic loves the continual cameos and connections that Thompson develops throughout the issue weaving Jessica Jones into the backdrop of the Marvel Landscape. I honestly never knew how connected she truly was to many different avenues of heroes. Whether that was recently retconned into existence by Thompson (or even Bendis) or has always existed, as a new reader of Jessica Jones, I respect the stability that is affirmed with the character. Thompson is quickly making this reader feel like Jessica Jones has always been there, which is an exceptionally arduous task for even the most skilled writer.

Not only is Thompson providing the credentials that are solidifying Ms. Jones as a certified hero in the Marvel Universe, but the attitude and tone she expresses with the character has really proceeded to encapsulate this critic. I love the edgy, fun-loving, and almost radically obnoxious style that springs from Jessica Jones. From her relatively cocky demeanor to her sarcastically witty zingers, Thompson clearly has a way of making comic fans cheer for Jessica while laying out an easy to follow comic that’s grippingly entertaining and suspenseful. Furthermore, Thompson’s story is faultlessly paralleled by Iulis’ sharp, crisp, and detailed artistic style. Iulis’ brightly realistic technique packs the perfect punch making this comic amazingly dynamic and magnifying each fight and conflict masterfully.


This reader continues to love this series and feels that JESSICA JONES is a perfect match for Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis. The story attracts readers and makes them feel like their walking right beside Jessica as she’s trying to solve this mystery. Plus, the art is so remarkably vivid and vibrant that comic fans will get lost in the issue. It’s such a fast read leaving fans wanting more and craving the next installment. From someone who’s never dipped his toes into the character of Jessica Jones, I highly recommend giving this series the old college try! If you enjoy mysteries, strong narration, extremely expressive art, and are willing to take a shot on a new character, this story is perfect for you. And, if you’re already a JESSICA JONES fan, this is a no-brainer and a must-read! Grab the issue and let me know what you think.


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