Weird Science Marvel’s Favorite Comics of the Week Picks (January 15 2020)


My choice, @wolfcypher, will come off as a biased choice, but naaaah, I genuinely liked this issue the most of the comics that we got this week, and it was a heavy issue. Some of my fellow reviewers had a hard time wrapping this book’s contents around their heads, but this Venom fan had fun reading this one-shot. And hey, I gave it a good review if you’d so kindly check it out!


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get cosmic in this arc. @leftwing79’s pick features a new Starbrand and The Avengers vs. the Heralds. And wherever Galactus’s Heralds show up, there’s Silver Surfer, right around the corner. If you want to see how this book fared, read its review here.


So apparently, this story was originally released as a digital exclusive. I completely missed that, so I was surprised to read that in our review of it. Mature themed Marvel books are few and far, not to mention how rarely Jessica Jones headlines a book. @dispatchdcu‘s choice of the week.


@archeradam and @waltgator both agreed on The Black Cat Strikes. Sure, they’re no Bat/Cat coupling, but there’s always been great chemistry to read between Spider-Man and the Black Cat (you know, when Dan Slott isn’t writing her as a homicidal out-of-character crimeboss…but this opinion does not reflect the opinions of Archer and Walt…). Here’s another opinion you can take for face value.

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