Weird Science Marvel’s Best Covers of the Week Picks (January 15 2020)


Chosen by @dispatchdcu and @waltgator, its Wolverine in a fairly familiar setting; posing menacingly in the woods. All its needing is a pack of wolves surrounding him. Thankfully, no heat claws.


@wolfcypher, my choice, along with @archeradam and @besottedgeek, was Venom: The End. Hey! That’s two covers chosen with a DNA stand on the covers! Is there a deeper connection between Ruins of Ravencroft and the final Venom story that takes place an eternity ahead into the future? Probably not.


@leftwing79’s choice, the Avengers in space, is the epitome of what comes to mind for superhero comics: Ed Mcguinness. Nuff said.

All these books have reviews waiting for you to take a peek at on our site.


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