Conan Serpent War #3 Review

Writer: Jim Zub

Art: Luca Pizzari, Stephen Segovia, Frank D’Armata, Vanesa R Del Rey, Juan Francois Beaulieu, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Carlos Pacheco

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 8th, 2020

Jim Zub continues with the penultimate issue of CONAN SERPENT WAR #3 as our heroes are sent with the task to destroy twin bracelets across time itself. Conan and Dark Agnes are focusing on the bracelet from the Hyborian Age while Solomon Kane and Moon Knight are taking care of its twin in the 16th Century. Nonetheless, James Allison is somehow communicating and guiding these four warriors on what appears to be his death bed. Does this sound confusing? Well, that’s because it is!

Zub initially captured this reviewer’s attention by mixing these contrasting four warriors together in what appeared to be an epic story ready to unfold. However, after witnessing this penultimate issue, this reviewer left more perplexed as to who the villain is, the direction of the narrative, and it’s the actual purpose. In all actuality, the driving force behind Zub’s story simply appears to be to access four unique characters that may (or may not) have their own series on the horizon.

After rereading this issue multiple times, as well as the prior two issues, this comic fan continues to be confused as to who the narrator is and often times wonders if the narrator’s voice continues to change. The four main characters aren’t growing together and the personalities of both Conan and Moon Knight (who this character knows the best) don’t appear to fit with any of their personality traits and characteristics. The plot has more holes than a screen door on a battleship and this reviewer departs from the issue extremely concerned for Jim Zub’s future CONAN THE BARBARIAN run. Again, who really is Set? Who is Wyrm? What does Set ultimately want? Why were these specific characters chosen? Is Set actually the villain? Readers, there are simply too many questions to make heads or tails of throughout this issue that it would definitely be time to bale on this series. However, with one issue to go, I genuinely would like to see how Zub leaves this series.


As this series approaches its end, the only clarity that remains is that not only are our main characters getting bamboozled but so are the readers. This issue seems overly convoluted and the purpose seems lost with only one issue to go. The strength of the storyline seems to be lacking cohesion and depth simply making this a lackluster tale. At this point with one issue left, there is no reason to hop on board CONAN SERPENT WAR. If you’re searching for Conan or even Moon Knight stories, merely dive into some back issues to get that craving you desire. As of right now, this reviewer would not recommend the issue or series moving forward.


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