Miles Morales: The End #1 Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Art: Damion Scott, Dono Sánchez-Almara, VC’s Cory Petit, and Rahzzah

Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 8th, 2020

This book seems completely out of nowhere. However, my only guess as to what the premise of the book is, is that it’s giving us another “Old Man Story” but with Miles Morales. The only “Old Man” book I’ve recently read was OLD MAN QUILL and I really enjoyed it. Furthermore, I love that the same writer as the main book, Saladin Ahmed, is also doing MILES MORALES: THE END #1. Let’s dive in and see what we have here…

We begin our issue decades from now as a father and daughter are running for their lives. At first, I liked the art but after I turned the first page, things began to go downhill fast. Damion Scott really needs to focus on the faces of his characters. Thankfully, Miles comes in for the save, swoops in, and redeems the day. But, how did he do it? I still have no idea after reading the issue. Keep in mind, Saladin Ahmed does a tremendous job on action scenes in the MILES MORALES SPIDER-MAN. But so far, I’m not impressed with Ahmed and Scott’s teamwork. Is it more Scott that’s the problem? Could be?

Now, one thing I noticed that this book doesn’t have is a recap page that will give readers some information on what’s happening. Now, some #1’s don’t. However, for something like this, I feel like that would have been very beneficial to help instill what is happening and how this all got started.

Meanwhile, as the story continues, Miles shows the family he just saved, Brooklyn. They enter in something that reminds me of the portals in the X-Men books right now from Krakoa. And, we learn that in the future, Mile’s secret identity is known by everyone. Furthermore, we also discover that the future looks bright for Miles as he gets a major promotion. He’s none other than the Mayor with what looks like Ganke’s daughter as his second in command.

Finally, some action begins as Miles and a group of fighters take to the streets to take on the Germs. Again, it would have been great to at least give the reader some idea of what these ”Germs” are. But, just when more confusion sets in, a battle with some crazy guy in a Captain America costume kicks off. Surprisingly, this random guy who actually holds his own against Miles.

Now, one thing that I have been noticing throughout the issue is that Miles doesn’t sound like the character I know and love. Something is most definitely off with his characteristics and persona, which really struck me as odd. Why? Well, even though this issue is done by the same writer, the tone of Miles just doesn’t feel right. How is that possible?

The story continues with one month gone by and the Germs fused with the crazy Captain America guy creating this all-out brawl. But, unfortunately, this action scene wasn’t all that great and we had to want until practically ”The End” to get something substantial. I have no clue if it was due to the script or the artist but ultimately, the fight ended with exactly what you’d expect to happen in an “Old Man” one-shot series. Take a guess!

Final Thoughts:

Well, all I have to say is, why? Why is this issue even a thing? The art was a solid “B” while some of the faces were unquestionably disturbing. And, the story just felt like it was trying to tell something new but somehow it didn’t know where to go or what direction to focus on. I truly would not recommend this to anyone, especially Miles fans like myself. Additionally, it was a bit of an oversized issue with some panels feeling like they were wasted on certain things that could have been done with more time and detail. This, the extra dollar for the issue may also be a deterrent.


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