Weird Science Marvel’s Favorite Comics of the Week Picks


Donny Cates seems to quite the favorite with a lot of Marvel readers. From his Thanos to his fan-favorite Cosmic Ghost Rider, to his run on Venom, now he tackles Thor in an all new volume and all different first issue, and it seems Weird Science has spoken: its a HIT! Go check out the review and high score @dispatchdcu gave this issue.

Chosen by @dispatchdcu, @BesottedGeekPod, @LeftWing79, and Archer of the Asylum

Meanwhile, Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil run, now in its 16th issue, has already proven time and again to be a favorite here with this site. A constant favorite of mine (@WolfCypher), it was also chosen by @Waltgator93 & @acnbat. We have @WeirdScienceMarvel ‘s review available for read.

Even more reviews await at

















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