Weird Science Marvel’s Best Covers of the Week Picks


Thor, Thor, Thor…the Weird Science Marvel Crew have surely spoken. Thor is the standout favorite among our reviewers for Covers of the Week.

Dispatch (@dispatchdcu), Thor’s Mallet (@acnbat), & Steve (@LeftWing79) respectively picked the Thor #1 normal cover, Ron Lim variant, and Midtown variants. Read the review written by Dispatch himself here.


Tony Walton (@waltgator93)’s cover of choice is the Hawkeye: Freefall variant, showcasing both of Clint Barton’s best known personas, Hawkeye and Ronin. And you can read WeirdscienceMarvel’s positive review here.


Stork (@BesottedGeekPod) pick includes both the Defenders and the Avengers; its the cover to Tarot. Stork also reviewed this one.


Finally, my personal cover pick (@WolfCyphr) is from X-Men 4. So much arrogance, so much swagger. Where else will I see Apocalypse in a suit? Dispatch’s review can be read here.

Was there a cover you liked that wasn’t picked? Leave a comment, and go to our homepage and check out more reviews!

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