Star Wars #70 Review

This issue gives us Part III of what has, to date, been a great start to Pak and Noto’s time on the main Star Wars title. A light-hearted fun story, combined with fantastic art has made this a real delight of a book, but the critical third issue is where we usually expect story strands to start to tighten up. Will this happen in issue 70 of Star Wars? Let’s find out. Continue reading Star Wars #70 Review

Preview: Star Wars #69

The REBELS AND ROGUES epic continues as our heroes deploy their plans to trick their Imperial pursuers… and everything falls apart! CHEWIE and THREEPIO face moral quandaries – and mortal danger – when they learn the uninhabited planet they’re supposed to destroy isn’t quite so uninhabited. Will the FORCE be with LUKE in a bar fight? And who is DAR CHAMPION… and what does he have to do with Leia’s past? Continue reading Preview: Star Wars #69