Strikeforce #3 Review

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: German Peralta
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 20, 2019

Review by: Laurence Nixon

Demons and Fae and Wizards oh my! What a mess Blade and company find themselves in. This issue of Strikeforce starts with a nice recap which is helpful if one is jumping onto this title this issue. I know I appreciated it.

The story then begins with Wiccan being captured by the Vridai because they need him to wake a captured Dr. Doom. Wiccan pleads to not be left alone with Doom and I know I myself wouldn’t want that. Then we are treated to a story told by Hellstorm about a young Vridai Count Ophidian and how he is cared for by an awful governess Lady Brigit. The flashback art is a nice change of pace from the rest of the story.

The scene then changes to Hulkling and Wiccan’s apartment where we find Hulkling gagged and tied. Angela explains that it’s too risky to have shapeshifters in the fight against other shapeshifters. Okay, I suppose if she says so, but the main reason is they don’t want him to jump into the battle to defend his boyfriend, Wiccan. Blade then comes crashing through the wall being chased by a fake Wiccan and the Daywalker proceeds to make short work of him. Blade then turns to Hulkling and stabs him in the neck knocking him out cold.

The next thing we know the team is on a train to a temple in Indonesia to go rescue the real Wiccan. Damien asks Angela why all the secrecy and how she would know about the Vridai and not Thor. She replies that she is older than Thor and that she could claim the throne if she so desired. So, not really an answer at all! Angela comes across as a real jerk if you ask me and is probably my least favorite part of the team.

We then see a nice splash page of the team as they leap from the train to arrive at the temple. The art has been very clean with very vivid coloring which makes it easy on the eyes and easy to be able to tell what’s going on in the panels.

Continuing on, Wiccan is trying to wake Doom up only to discover that it is merely a Doombot. This works to his advantage as the Fae have no clue that it is not the real thing. A big battle breaks out between Strikeforce and the Vridai warriors. There is a lot of nice action with plenty of the Fae being sliced up, shot at and burnt to pieces with hellfire. The battle ends with Wiccan showing up with the Doombot and our team believes he is working with the Vridai.

Spider-Woman goes to break the supposed mind control she believes Wiccan is under but we know that isn’t happening and he fills her in as well. Wiccan speaks some magic words and the Doombot pops off the head of the Fae commander. All this time, Angela is engaged in a personal battle with Brigit. There is something going on there that I’m sure we will find out more about later and I hope it is good and also that it makes me like and care more about Angela. Did I mention I don’t like her?

Final Thoughts:

I found this issue to be paced well and visually enjoyable. However, in my opinion, there seems to be too many characters for one book. For instance, I don’t understand Winter Soldier’s role as he didn’t do much for the story. The writing was enthralling and weaved a tapestry of intrigue that left me wanting to know more of the subplot that was developing between Angela and Brigit. I am looking forward to the next issue.


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