Savage Sword of Conan #11 Review

Writer: Roy Thomas

Art: Alan Davis, Cam Smith, Chris Sotomayor, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Marco Checchetto

Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 13th, 2019

Conan’s latest job has gone awry, as he finds himself at the mercy of the Afghuli hillmen in this week’s all-new SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #11 by Roy Thomas! However, this is nothing compared to the threat hovering in the hidden mountain cave that Serra hired him to find! If they can escape the creatures, can they save the treasure?  Furthermore, what secret is Zubair hiding and what is Serra really after? By CROM, let’s jump in and find out!

“a man should know the name of the man who kills him.”

The great Roy Thomas culminates his short tale this week by continuing his affinity for the Hyborian born Cimmerian like no other writer can or has since. Unlike the last issue, Thomas puts the pedal to the metal and quickly cues fans to the heart of the narrative while unveiling multiple cunning twists along the way. Readers will find themselves through the issue in no time at all with an opportunity to dive right into Scott Oden’s fantastic penultimate part of THE SHADOW OF VENGEANCE XI.

As this reviewer asserted last issue, Thomas fully understands the character of Conan. Roy emphasizes the Barbarian’s honor and puts Conan’s dignity and pride on display throughout the story, which is something that many other writers tend to gloss straight over. However, Thomas shows readers that Conan may have honor but his code is his own. No one will tell the Cimmerian how he should exhibit or express his personal code and Thomas drives that perspective home throughout the issue more so than other current writers to date.

This critic also loved how Thomas thoroughly explained every course of action the great Barbarian took, whether it be through narration or dialogue. This aspect of the narrative was refreshing and left little opportunity for misinterpretation between the writer and the reader. Thomas makes a Conan story straightforward and easy to understand, which many new comic writers appear to be against in the current scheme of comic book writing. Sometimes, readers just want to be told a story without thinking too hard about impossible to understand plot threads.


Overall, Thomas nails another spectacular issue of everyone’s favorite Hyborian born Cimmerian. The issue was exceptionally entertaining, easy to follow, fast-paced, and captured this reader’s attention from the first knucklehead to spit on Conan’s face (what an idiot!) to the dark crystal’s true reveal as the issue concludes. New and old Conan fans alike will appreciate the tone, character motivations, and classic feel of this issue. If you’re a Conan the Barbarian fan, you’ll love this traditional tale from this classic storyteller. If you’re new to the character, start with SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #10 and lead into this one for a great snapshot of the definitive barbarian. Thank you, Roy Thomas, for a tremendously entertaining two-part story.


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