Runaways #27 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Penciler: Kris Anka
Inkers: Kris Anka & Walden Wong
Color Artist: Dee Cunniffe & Jim Campbell
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 13, 2019

I would be lying if I said what is happening to the team isn’t game changer/ interesting. But of course, I can see why some fans would hate what is happening, especially if they are die-hard Runaways fans. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start our issue with the gang getting their costumes and if you look on the cover of the issue, you will be able to see what they pick. I will admit, at first when I saw Chase’s costume and that giant gun I was on the fence on that. Figure I will wait until I see it in action before judging it. You can really see them coming together as a family especially when they try on a costume that is a bit too revealing. Like when Molly tried one that made her look like a cheerleader, it was like Chase’s dad’s instinct was on.

Unfortunately, Doc Justice’s research showed Gert really has no powers and she is sidelined for the mission. Calling it now, in an issue or two she will have her own costume and be out there helping out. Especially with someone on the cover who looks like a beast/ monster.

So to kill time she is trying to have Gib eat a soul of an egg. Again, they need to get rid of him because his scenes are very awful. Could care less about them. Only time that actually impressed me was last week when the cat and Old Lace gave him the rat.

Gert makes her way to the basement and I hope I am not only one who got a “Bat-computer” vibe when I saw the computer down there. We checked in with the team and their mission through their badge video cameras. Though would have been better if we actually saw them a bit more in action. After a mission guess it’s time for pizza in the J-Cave. As the team decompresses but, of course, you can see that something is bothering Gert over this whole thing.

Final Thoughts:

Was not know how I was going to like this issue but very enjoyed it very much! Great dialogue, great scenes that captured the character, and great artwork! Of course, the only thing that I would get rid of is the Gib scene or at least change it. But I can see this book being canceled and actually just coming back with a new name. To reinvent the Runaways in a bit.


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