Runaways #26 REVIEW

Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Artist: Andres Genolet and Dee Cunniffe
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 30, 2019

Not going to lie, but very shocked that this book hasn’t even been announced that it is ending. The sales for this book really should be some concern for Marvel. Hopefully with the sudden change, is what the book needs to be a great book again. Although it kind of reminds me of the 2005-2008 run. Issue 26 the book felt like it was jumping the shark and wanted to do one last story arc. Strangely enough, we are currently on issue 26 of this run. Let’s dig in and find out…

Last we saw the team, they were heading to Doc Justice’s place to settle up while their former place of living is having construction built over them. We get a Tony Stark/ Jarvis vibes from Doc Justice and his butler, Matthew. Whatever is the endgame with Doc Justice, hopefully, it is something big. Especially with how he knows who the kids all are.

We check on the sleep arrangements and as we are seeing both the men’s and women’s bedrooms, you can see how much the characters have grown. When first started reading the Runaways, it was like watching Saved by the Bell but now it is like Saved by the Bell: College Years (not in a good way but also not in an awful way as well). At least we learned the cause of everyone checking out the Pride’s former hangout. Although could just be people fake documentation and the people in authority who were in the Pride’s pocket and wants to flush the kids out. Even though it has been how long since the demise of the Pride? But it seems like we are bringing the Pride back in the comic, well with how Doc Justice was one of their former enemies as well.

We check out Doc’s place and can see this book going for a bit longer if they take a note out of the Supernatural’s playbook. In the 8th season, they get a new living bunker with all sorts of books to use. DJ’s home could be the Runaway’s bunker. Even expand their villains, and the foes they will have to face in the near future.

Victor and DJ have some words, and Victor informs him that he wants to help him with his raids. And boy does Victor’s costume look one of a kind (in a bad way), but totally fits the theme or so of the Runaways series. Right before Victor and DJ take off, the rest of the group rushes in to say they are going along with them. Karolina, Molly, and Nico, I totally get having them tag along. But Chase and Gert? Eh seems a bit forced.

We then end the issue with one character getting what they have been craving for, for a while. With some help from one underrated character and another character that we really should get more interactions with.

Final Thoughts:

Not much action happened here, just a good amount of dialogue. If this book is actually planning what I think they are planning then I am so looking forward to more of what is to come. This is a book that for the longest time has gone nowhere. But if we are setting up something new and adventures for our Runaways, then this could be the saving grace that the book has been waiting for. The art is very good! Dialogue, on the other hand, is a mix. It has some great parts and others felt forced and out of the blue.


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