Star Wars #69 Review

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Phil Noto
Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 24, 2019

The last issue of this book was the first story in the run on the Star Wars title by Greg Pak and Phil Noto. That issue was a stellar introduction to a new team and centered around a brand new three-strand story. The first see Han and Leia travel to Lanz Carpo in order to destroy enemies in the Carpo Crime Syndicate undercover. Luke is dispatched in the second story thread to act as a diversion to distract the Empire from a rebel refueling station. Finally, Chewbacca and Threepio are the unlikely duos paired together to set off explosives in the uninhabited planet of K43…taking down any nearby Star Destroyers.

This issue sees Pak continue to tell the delightful tale that he laid out in issue 68. The story really has a perfect balance to it. Han being paired with Leia is perfect because it is pre-Empire Strikes Back and therefore there is great fun to be had with the unresolved tension between the two, especially as this issue throws in the added complication of Leia’s old friend Dar Champion. Luke’s tale is more of a solo effort with Artoo along for the ride. The story is one of Luke striking out on his own and struggling to come to terms with the absence of guidance in how to harness the Force.

The real treasure of this tale so far across the two issues has however been the Threepio and Chewbacca storyline. The two characters are really surprisingly funny together as they continue to strike up a rapport. Pak really does well with this by suggesting that there is a mutual appreciation between the two that is only coming to light now. The fun interaction between the two is a delight. This is complimented by some lovely work by Noto on this book. He has done good work in the past for Marvel Star Wars (particularly on Poe Dameron) but this is is his best work to date in my eyes. A nice break in style from the previous work on this book. The standout art this issue though is reserved for an unusual but stunning page depicting Luke getting in touch with the Force.

Final Thoughts:

This issue takes a strong start from issue 68 and keeps the momentum going. I think that it is reasonable to suggest that the first two issues of this new run are among the best work seen in Marvel Star Wars since the series got up and running again. There is a light-hearted sense of fun about them coupled with some heavy-duty artwork and a lot of laughs along the way. Top work.


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