Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #5 Review

Writer: Seanan McGurie
Artist: Juan Frigeri
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 19, 2019

Well this is it, the final issue in the Nightcrawler mini, and I can mainly say that the art has been great! The story itself not so much, but with one issue left, can it redeem itself can make up for past sins? Or will I regret picking up with issue? With the shocking twist at the end of last issue, that the Cuckoo’s were the enemy of it all, I was a bit confused on some parts so hopefully this issue can clear some things up. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open up this issue with what Kurt has been doing best in this mini, poofing out of an ugly situation. He takes Tenia and teleports them to a rooftop before he adds Celeste to the mix. Most of the issue takes place on that roof. We do learn that the Cuckoo’s build a wall like structure, any Supernatural fans out there just think of the wall Sam had in his head in season 6 when he got brought back, and thus Kurt remembers all of the memories and the times of which it has happened before.

Kurt poofed out again due to him remembering he came with someone, Meggan. We see that Meggan is in the Mystique form again but unfortunately, don’t get an answer to why that is the form she choose. In order to snap her out of whatever she is snapped in or needs to focus more, Nightcrawler tries to drop her. He mentions that she also reminds him she can fly. Well wish they set that up a little more because felt bit forced.

Now with Kurt, Meggan, Celeste, and Tenia, all on the roof one can expect some serious business to go down! Well no, we get more talking. Not much really happens in this showdown. Later on we even get everyone from downstairs to join in and only a couple of the mutants try and attack but miss. Kurt knows what he has to do, same thing that he has done before, while Meggan takes Tenia and runs, well flies away.

Final Thoughts:

Well the issue wasn’t worse in the run, but didn’t redeem itself by the end. I will say this, the art always did it’s job! I was impressed and enjoyed each panel. However, this issue had some parts that felt rushed and other things felt like we are just repeating ourselves. The ending was okay, it was just how they got there with the dialogue was my biggest issue.


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